Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#32

Hello, Everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I said I’d post this Wednesday—It’s currently Wednesday as I’m typing, but who knows..it may be Thursday before I post it…Oops. I’m really ready to get back into the habit of posting weekly, but it may be bi-weekly until January. Keep your fingers crossed! Let’s get started!

Item #1 is from charmecharmant

I love that this bracelet is so simple. SImple yet elegant. The pearls are all the same size, and I feel that they accent the smaller leather cord. Since the colors in this piece are neutrals, it could go with absolutely any outfit. Another definite plus is the magnetic clasp. Anyone else have issues latching bracelet? I do, so magnetic is a perfect way to go.

Item #2 is from delezhen

This is a gorgeous ring. The emerald is probably the most gorgeous in this state. You can see the darker veins scattered throughout the stone, which give it character. The band is hammered and creates an authentic handmade look and feel. The artist offers various stones, but I fell for this one. It’s something different that you wouldn’t see every day, and that’s what I love about it!

Item #3 is from SinClareDesigns 

Turquoise Boho Statement Necklace Close Up

Turquoise Boho Statement Necklace Close Up 

The hodgepodge of this necklace is amazing. All of the differences combine to form a gorgeous piece! There are also many textures at play, too. There’s the leather cord that goes around the neck, the turquoise chips, the chainwork, etc. I’m in love! The artist chose to use turquoise, crystal, brass, and copper finishes, and I’ll have to say that it was an amazing combination. I could see this being a multi-use piece—casual or formal–another plus. Lots of other gorgeous stuff in her shop as well, so definitely check it out!

Item #4 is from SilkPurseSowsEar

As I was browsing, these immediately caught my eye, so I knew I had to feature them! I really like the vintage look about them, even though they aren’t vintage. The artist has carefully treated, painted, and varnished them to get this look. The detail is also amazing. The artist also offers two lengths, so these are good for short or long hair. Definitely a must have!

My apologies for only including 4 items. I wanted to get a weekly feature up. I got a little excited! I’ve seen a lot of things that I like, but these are the top 4 from my browsing…Always a surprise here, right? Now that you’ve seen a few of my favorites, go find yours at your favorite handmade site and show some artists some love!

Until next time, 



Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#31

Hello, again, everyone! It’s been a while! My apologies for missing several editions of Weekly Wednesday. Life has been SUPER busy, especially with work. I don’t forget about these weekly features; in fact, I think about them whenever I miss them! I’m going to try to do better about my posting schedule, so it may be a different day when I get around to posting each week. Now, I don’t want to keep you waiting because I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seats with anticipation. Without further ado….

Item #1 is from HappyWayJewelry

My first thought upon seeing this ring was, “ooh, that’s different, and I like it.” This definitely isn’t your ordinary ring. Most rings are shaped in a circle as we would normally imagine a circle, but this one takes that ‘normal’ concept and puts a spin, or “twist,” on it. This particular ring is made out of sterling silver, but there is an option to get real gold if you want.  I really appreciate that the artist decided to go with something different, but also kept it delicate enough that it’s not one of those “in your face” pieces.

Item #2 is from MargoHupert

I never really considered making jewelry from felt before seeing this…not sure why the thought never occurred to me, but this artist has done an awesome job with all of the items in her shop. She has necklaces and brooches in a variety of colors–all are equally gorgeous! I really like that this is different and makes a statement.

Item #3 is from earthwatersol

What’s really cool about this piece is that the colors in this bracelet match the shop’s name! Pretty neat, huh? Maybe I’m just a nerd (there’s no maybe to it…I’m a nerd). This is a wrap bracelet that can also double as a necklace! You all know I love dual purpose pieces. You can get a triple wrap bracelet or a single strand necklace. I love the delicate nature of it, but I’m not sure what makes it delicate (does that make sense?). Maybe it’s the teardrop topaz or the topaz seed beads. The color combination goes really well together and is quite pleasing to the eye. This shop is bohemian and vegan, as well as (wait for it…it’s the best part), a monthly donator to animal rescue! This past month, 100% of the proceeds went to helping a kitty get the surgery he needed!

Item #4 is from OrnamentationByMary

Colors!!! I love the combination! Neutrals and pops of brightness every so often. It’s a wrap bracelet, so it’ll look like a stacked bracelet. Lots of patience is involved in pieces like these, trust me–it’s tedious. The artist used a wonderful combination of beads–czech fire-polished, brass nuggets, and porcelain beads. This combination brings about an interesting variation in the texture of this piece. By “interesting” I mean it makes me more curious about it and appreciative of the differences in textures and how mixing them can produce the most amazing things.

Item #5 is from NestPrettyThings

I absolutely love, love, love this necklace. My eye was immediately drawn to it as I was browsing. The color combination is perfect–teal and coral. Even though it’s just a small bit of coral, it’s perfectly balanced with the teal. The gold-colored charm and wire just add to the perfection of the teal and coral. I also love that it’s a simple piece. It’s simple, but the focal point adds that little “somethin’ somethin'” to this necklace. It’d be a great touch to almost any outfit–patterned (as seen in the picture) or solid. I could also see it going with something a little more fancy than just everyday casual.

Now that you’ve seen my list (after a long wait), go visit some artists and show them some love because they want to share their talent and love for their craft with you.

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#29

Hello, everyone! I know, I know…it’s Thursday and I’m suppose to post on Wednesday. Here lately my days off have been more on Thursday and Wednesday, but I hope to get myself back on schedule. Yes, I realize I say this every time, but I AM trying!! Since the first day of Fall was this week, I decided that fall themed jewelry would be a good route to go and explore. I’ll have to say…there is a LOT of fall themed jewelry!! Lots and Lots.  Shall we get started? Let’s go!

Item #1 is from ChusCraft

I’m really liking the combination of neutrals used in these earrings…brown and gold. And what could be more fall-ish than leaves and pine cones?? There is also a little bit of culture included with these that I wasn’t aware of, so I’m learning as I browse! The pine cone is a symbol of Enlightenment as well as the Third Eye. I always love it when cultural background/history is included in the descriptions! The leaves are made of raw brass, and the pine cones are made of red bronze, so you’ve got a combination of metals, which have their own unique properties, in addition to the colors. The maker also allows you to pick what kind of hooks that come with these–raw brass (as seen in the above photo) or gold-plated clasps. I really like the raw brass clasps, because I feel it’s a more natural state and because it matches the leaves.

Item #2 is from Mirma

First thing–I love the simplicity of this ring! This item is entirely handcrafted in that the sterling sliver sheet was shaped and polished and the tree was carved. Patience was a key player in this piece! Sometimes, I noticed (in my browsing) that a lot of fall-themed jewelry was really just in-your-face fall–don’t get me wrong, I like that, too, but a little simplicity goes a long way.

Item #3 is from ShelleyCooperJewelry

The charms and colors of this bracelet scream, “It’s Fall!,” to me. I like the little dangly bits because they have a mind of their own and fall where they want (no pun intended) and are just the right length to not get in the way. There is also some history mentioned with this one as well, so that’s also a plus for me! This one is definitely a piece to grab and add to your collection!

Item #4 is from NestofReveries

Chevrons are still in (at least I hope so–I just bought curtains with chevron print), so I really wanted to feature something with it. The colors of the leather speak the word ‘fall’ to me; you’ve got cream, brown, and a dark mustardy color–obviously fall, but also obviously 70s. I also really like the length of this necklace. It’s 34.4 inches long and has no clasp to fool around with (Can you tell I have issues with clasps?). The length also is good because it doesn’t it at that awkward spot right below your shirt’s neckline where you have to keep fishing it out from. If there are any guys reading this, the previous sentence is an actual problem females deal with when it comes to jewelry–jewelry is meant to be seen and not hidden behind the shirt, so don’t think we’re crazy when we keep changing clothes so we can wear a certain necklace.

Item #5 is from ForTheCrossJewelry

This set of pumpkin earrings is just too freaking cute! I like how the “vine” continues to climb up the clasp of the earring and adds more dimension to what normally is a blank space (the leaf is also a nice touch). We all also know I’m a fan of anything matte, so obviously you know I’m really loving the matte nature of the pumpkins and leaves! This one is a must for fall! Also, if you don’t like these, she has more in her shop. 🙂

I know I’m ready for fall…especially for cooler temperatures, but not the allergies! Go look on you favorite handmade site  for the perfect jewelry piece that says “Fall” to you and show your favorite makers some love!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#28

Hello, Everyone! It’s that time again….time for Weekly Wednesday that is! I’m late again with posting but at least it’s not a week or more between. There just hasn’t been a lot of time with work (especially this past Tuesday…almost an 11 hour shift due to a call out). Maybe I should rename it to “Thrifty Thursdays.” We’ll see..lol

Item #1 is from LilyAndLouise

Ok…first let me say that I absolutely LOATHE (insert Jim Carrey’s The Grinch version) the art deco style–primarily the sharp, masculinity of the architecture–it’s just so…ick. I’m just not a fan. Now I will say I approve of it more when there are more rounded shapes used. The iron railings and stained glass are usually pieces I prefer to look at…just not the main architectural points. Anyway, this isn’t architecture…lol.

I love this bracelet–even if it is art deco. There are some sharp features to this piece, but there is enough feminine detail to outweigh the sharp. Another great perk with this piece is that the main detailed piece can be switched out with the other bangles in the artists’ shop. And, trust me, you really should check out some of the other items….awesome stuff.

Item #2 is from sowelljewelry

There really isn’t a description on this item’s page, but I love all of the detail put into the piece. This maker is a silversmith and everything about this ring is hand done. All the shapes and textures..everything. I like the boho look, and I think this would be great for anyone who also loves the style and anyone you see as a free-spirit.

Item #3 is from ChaseAndScoutDesigns

I saw this pendant and thought, “that’s so cool!”  I haven’t seen a lot of honeycomb stuff, but I think it’s definitely something that could trend if people picked it up. This piece is cast from an original piece of honeycomb using the lost wax method (a mold is made using the real honeycomb; the mold is preserved and pieces are cast from it). This is just plain gorgeousness!

Item #4 is from BuildaStack

You already know I’m a fan of the stacked ring look, but I really love these in particular. I think it’s because of the mixed metal and the varying textures used. This set would be great to top off almost any outfit, or you could wear each separately, which is also another great thing about these sets. This one in particular is just pleasing to the eye and not overly detailed. Simplicity at its finest.

Item #5 is from LalaBoho

Oh, the detail! I love the detail in these earrings! In addition to the detail, you could wear one of these as a necklace–so dual purpose jewelry! The filigree and dot-work are inspired by northern India’s silversmiths, so there is a large amount of history with this set as well. They are brass, so the makers suggest a particular care process for them–don’t get them wet (this includes sweating) and don’t sleep in them. Also be gentle when handling them (as with any jewelry). Don’t like a “bull in a china shop.” You may have to google that since I sometimes use peculiar words and phrases that are used only in a particular area. (My boyfriend likes to tease me (lovingly) about some of the words I use–i.e. hose pipe, eat-a-snack–just look them up if you’re wondering what the hell I’m saying) 😉

Item #6 is from Impulse18K

I’m such a fan of twig/branch rings! They’re just so gorgeous, and the work is so intricate. The artist mentions a Tibetan wedding custom in the description, which is very interesting–I love it when the cultural/historical details are mentioned about a piece. According to the page, it is Tibetan tradition for the mother of the bride to wrap string around her daughter’s finger, and the number of times it wraps around indicates how many years the daughter will be graced with a happy marriage. Hopefully they had a long piece of string or tied more together 🙂

Now, as always, go to your favorite handmade site and show your favorite artists/makers some love!

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Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#27

Hello, Hello, Everyone! It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to blog about Etsy picks! I didn’t forget–in fact it’s been on my mind every time for the past 2 weeks that I’ve missed! Work has been crazy busy (and I’ve been passing out for naps when I get home), and I just got back from a short vacation in New Orleans. Please forgive my tardiness in posting 😛 Since it’s getting close to getting prepared for the holiday season at work (and for Starbucks managers and baristas, that’s a big deal!), I’m going to go ahead and say that I may miss some posts here and there, but I won’t forget about it. Enough of my rambling–since I’m just getting back from New Orleans, I thought it would be fitting for this post to be about one of the symbols of New Orleans–the Fleur de lis. Shall we?

Item #1 is from aprilandjune

I love this set of earrings….and they’re appropriate for work! Two pluses there! They are hand-stamped and then soldered by the artist, so there is an enormous amount of handiwork that has gone into these. Soldering takes a lot of patience….A LOT. You can wear these with anything–casual or dressy…another plus. And for allergy sufferers, they are sterling silver, so there are no worries about nickel reactions!

Item #2 is from Billyrebs

I really love the why this ring has the Fleur-de-lis with a cut out edge. Softness combined with roughness–a pleasing balance! This piece was cast in sterling silver and then antiqued by the artist. This is another item that requires patience. I really find this piece gorgeous and am absolutely in love with it!

Item #3 is from BrandiCouvillion

Now, this is an interesting cuff! There was another one by this artist that I was going to feature, but this one and that je ne sais quoi I love. I’ll link the other one here so you can check it out–it’s gorgeous as well! The listing has a brief history of the bayou and swampy areas of New Orleans that is quite interesting, and the process for creating this piece is described. Lots of detail as well as patience is required for this piece, but I feel that is what makes handmade pieces so remarkable. Awesome work!

Item #4 is from mimosabyme

I saw this piece and thought it was really neat. The New Orleans skyline is hand carved into the metal. It’s different from what we normally think of when we think about New Orleans since I’m guessing the first image that pops into most people’s heads is the French Quarter or Vampires. Don’t get me wrong, I love that part of the city, but this is something different–to remind those of us not from the area (only, me–my boyfriend was born there) that there is more to the New Orleans area than just the French Quarter.

**Just a note here…for some reason this item and the shop have disappeared since I started this post 😦 I don’t know what happened, but I still wanted to showcase it.

Item #5 is from thesilverart

Again, another cuff bracelet…can you tell I’m a fan? I really like that this is adjustable because it’s not always easy to hook a lobster clasp..haha. My preference is definitely the adjustable since I stink at hooking the other! The Fleur-de-lis is the crowning touch to the ends of this bracelet after the dainty metal-beading. Simple, simple, and then BAM.

And, since #4 wasn’t working, Item #6 is from ahunterrn

This is seriously cute! If you’ve been to New Orleans, you know there are streetcars going to and fro. This charm has the name “Desire” stamped on it, and there is a tag stamped with “New Orleans” attached to the clasp. Definitely a must have for a frequent visitor or a native!

That’s all I have for now. Hopefully, I’ll be able to post (and on time) next week! Now hop on over to your favorite handmade site and show some artists some love!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#25

Hello, Everyone! It’s time for another edition of Weekly Wednesday! No theme today…just some fabulous picks from browsing the jewelry on Etsy! Not a lot going on in my personal world…just work, work, and more work.

Countdown to picks in 3…2….1…..Go

Item #1 is from peggytrue

I’m really liking multiple bracelet stacks these days, and this maker has quite a few of them and all are equally gorgeous. It was difficult for me to narrow it down to one, but this one kept catching my eye. I like how the colors are primarily neutral with a few that aren’t. This particular set is composed of 9 bracelets (two of which are stretchy and the rest are bangles) made from semi-precious stones, upcycled fibers, and mixed metals. You all know that I really like upcycled items, so that makes me like it even more! Attached to one of the bangles is an antique bronze tree of life charm. It looks to be a fairly good-sized charm with intricate details and is a great addition to the primarily neutral, earthy tones within the bracelets. Definitely a must have if you like stacked bracelets!

Item #2 is from LittleTimberHouse

These makers primarily make items other than jewelry, but they still have several unique pieces! This ring was hand turned out of wood and topped with a colored resin. Simple and gorgeous at the same time. I’m really liking how the geometric shaped were combined–you’ve got circle and a rectangle, which lend themselves to sharp and smooth edges. BAM! I love it.

Item #3 is from GypsyLamb

Take a look at these beauties! I like that they’re multi-layered in a way that wouldn’t tangle too terribly in long hair–always a plus because who else hates brushing out those huge knots and losing a chunk of hair? They’re so delicate, and the color combination is awesome! These are made using niobium wire, which is hypoallergenic (another plus). She has a lot of other neat jewelry in her shop you should check out. In addition to Etsy, more of her work can be found here on Instagram. I’ve been following for a while, and she always has new stuff to showcase!

Item #4 is from NestPrettyThingsShop

First, let me say that this particular listing is for ONE of these tassel necklaces. Having said that, I think that this is a competitor for a new fashion trend–layered tassel necklaces. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think combining necklaces like these is very stylish and would add an interesting aspect to any outfit. I’m really liking that the beads are only on the lower part of the necklace letting the chain provide a delicate nature to the piece. I never really would’ve thought to have used the color combinations the maker picked, but they definitely work!

Item #5 is from fatash1

When I first saw this necklace, I thought it was woven together with a very thin gold thread, but as I looked closer, I realized that it was actually crocheted! How neat to combine two totally separate art forms–jewelry making and crochet. I love how the stringing material she chose directly complements the beads and stones within the piece. I’m also liking how the textures have been combined—you’ve got soft rounder beads with chunkier beads, and the crocheted stringing material adds in another texture!. This maker has a lot of gorgeous pieces, and is definitely one to watch!

Comment, like, share, and link, and, most importantly–Make sure you go show your favorite makers some love and tune in next week for a new edition of Weekly Wednesday!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#23–Mala Edition

Hello, Everyone! Welcome back for another Weekly Wednesday! This week, I decided to go with a Mala theme (seen a lot in boho styles and in Buddhist culture). All of the shops whose items I’ve featured today have lots of gorgeous items, so I had to narrow it down to one item per shop–you may want to go take a look at all the beautiful items they have! Also, I have an UPDATE on my weekly recipes–yes, I’ve been bad and not posted one recently, but I do have one ready if I can ever get around to writing about it (and it is DELISH)! Making beverages all day doesn’t really motivate me to make something else when I get home (nor does it motivate me to wash dishes). I’m still going to be doing them, just not at a weekly pace…more of a ‘when I can get time to do it’ pace!

Malas have been growing in popularity in recent months because of their appearance in fashion and use in yoga, but I want to give you a little bit of background behind them in case you aren’t familiar with the origin. Malas are traditionally used as prayer beads in the form of meditation. There are usually composed of 108 beads in addition to a guru bead to help the user keep count of how many times they have repeated a mantra. Malas are also made in counts of 18, 27, and 54, but they all go into that initial 108 an even number of times. Sometimes they are composed of specific beads for particular purposes (one type of bead is used for one mantra and another for a different mantra). I won’t go any further into their origin than this but I will leave a link here in case you are interested in learning further about them 🙂

Now, let’s jump into today’s finds!

P.S. These can all be used as either necklaces or bracelets as most of them use the traditional 108 beads! Versatility is always awesome and always a plus!

Item #1 is from beadsnbones

The first thing that caught my eye with this piece is how it’s not like your normal mala. The second was the variety of textures inherent in the beads that were used–carved bone beads from Nepal and Tibet, vintage crow beads, bone and vintage glass beads, and a conch shell from Nepal. So much culture and simplicity in one piece! Gorgeous piece! For more information on the symbolic nature, head over to the listing.

Item #2 is from NOMADaccessoriesETSY

I really like the contrast with the pink and green here! The colors balance each other–the softness of the pink and the harshness of the green. The guru bead in this piece is a bodhi seed (red stars and moon type–description here and here ). I also really like the knots between each individual bead because it adds more detail and makes it all the more handmade. Like I said in the beginning, I had to just use one piece from each shop, but there were several others that I loved from this maker!

Item #3 is from TrueBelieverJewelry

I saw this on and went, “this is f*%king gorgeous!” I’m absolutely in love with the color palette the artist chose. This mala is composed of blue sky jasper, white jade, amber-colored bone with inlaid turquoise, yellow jasper, and metal beads. Such a variety! The symbols in the metal piece stand for ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ which is the mantra spoken by Buddhist followers. Even with all of the details and colors going on, there is something soothing about this particular piece. Maybe it’s the balance created by all of it; maybe it’s the placement of the beads; maybe it’s just me 🙂

Item #4 is from TheMintedMagpie

I love the contrast between the pink and the blue used here in this piece. The use of the two colors in the one tassel is just striking. Most of the time I see malas with tassels of only one color, so this one takes the cake for best tassel! The artist has also used silver beads intermittently. Supposedly the pink agate enhances creativity and strengthens intellect in addition to being a good luck and harmony stone.

Item #5 is from EarthHeartJewelry

Gorgeous prehnite beads are used in this lovely mala! The detail in the beads themselves is exquisite–each one is different. There are also a few czech picasso beads used as the drop for the tassel (which bring out its color) as well as a handmade “be” charm within this piece. The artist mentions that the charm is remind the wearer to live in the moment and “Be true, Be authentic.” I feel that they put the meaning of that charm in the best words possible because we all need to be aware of the moment as well as be true and be authentic—how can we really know others without first knowing ourselves by doing just that..being true and authentic?

Item #6 is from SzidoniaCollection

For the final item for this edition, I decided to change it up and feature a mala bracelet instead of a necklace. I’ve got to have a few surprises every now and then, don’t I? Gotta keep you guessing! As with all of the other items, this can be worn as a necklace or as a bracelet. Each of the 215 beads used to make this bracelet are made of sandalwood and are strung on a durable stretchy jewelry cord–in my opinion, this is a plus because it allows the piece to stretch if you’re wrapping it around your wrist for a bracelet (especially if you have to wrap it more than most people–like me; I’ve got smaller wrists, so I need that stretch to be able to twist in another layer or two). The colors chosen are really fitting for this piece as they are mainly earthy tones–the green and red give it a little bit of a pop as does the larger bead placed right at the guru bead (the bead the two strings come from). There is also another piece (I can’t really tell what it is) right below the guru bead that lends a little metallic glitz.

As always, go to your favorite handmade site and show your favorite artisans some love! Tune in next week for another Weekly Wednesday!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#22

Hello, everyone! What day is it? It’s Weekly Wednesday! Are you ready to see some fabulous items I’ve found? There isn’t really a theme this week, but I don’t guess I really have to have one when I pick whatever strikes my fancy 😛 I know today’s post is coming a bit late, and I do apologize for that. More and more work stuff I’ve had to take care of in addition to taking out time for myself has had to take the majority of my time. If I don’t take time for and take care of myself, I won’t be able to bring you these favorites I’ve found, so just bear with me. I really appreciate it! Now enough jabbering and onto the fabulous finds!

Item #1 is from brightsmith

I’m getting to where I like ring stacks more and more..Not sure why, but they’re growing on me. I really liked this set because of the balance created by the two gold-fill and sterling silver bands. I guess you could wear them in any order gold-silver-gold, gold-gold-silver, or silver-gold-gold, but the first option allows you to frame the sterling silver dots. the hammered texture of the gold-filled bands is excellent and easy on the eye. It’s not a whole lot of detail but just enough to be stunning.

Item #2 is from quietclementine

Upon finding this item, I realized it was actually a seconds sale because of some stray gold marks on the back. Who is going to notice? Not me. I really fell in love with the piece because of the ceramic center. The gold edging is what makes it pop. I like how the artist varied the speckling across the piece focusing in some areas more than others and varied the size of the white spots as well. It’s a completely unique piece: hand-cut, hand-speckled, and hand-glazed. Perfect for a conversation piece.

Item #3 is from WearItMiniPlants

I saw these and thought they were pretty neat. This shop specializes in making jewelry with live succulents. I’ve seen things similar to this–mainly dandelion seeds, but I don’t recall ever seeing live plants. Now, I will admit (I apologize in advance) that I thought these were just fake plants, but as I read the description and about the shop, I came to the realization that they are in fact live and do have a way to be watered when needed. This particular succulent is from South Africa and contains hues of green, purple, and red. It can grow to be up to 3.5 inches tall, so I’m assuming that these can be taken out of capsule and transplanted. Watering your succulent is easy..every few days (depending on which succulent you purchase) you can sit the container in some water and let the little plant drink up. Pretty neat in my opinion!

Item #4 is from VirginiaWynne

In my job, we aren’t allowed to wear any earrings other than studs (obviously because no one wants an earring in their drink). That wasn’t the first thing that drew me to them, but it’s an added plus! What drew me to them was their simplicity. Simple yet elegant. Perfect for those of us who do work in food and who have long hair that tangles easily in dangle earrings (Not all dangle earrings tangle with my hair, but those chandelier ones really give me trouble!). These are soldered with sterling silver or 14k gold backings–another plus if you have allergies to nickel or other metals.

Item #5 is from thepricklypeartn1

I’m going to self-promote here this one time because I really do love these earrings, and I wanted to share them with you, too! This set is a hodge podge of various items–shells, rhinestones, howlite, chain–that I threw together because I wanted to create something a little out of the ordinary..it’s not every day you see lightbulb bases on earrings! I love the variety of color in them, and I also have a necklace that matches…not sure if I’ve had time to list it or not (Mental note to self: check to see if I’ve listed the matching necklace).

Go forth now to your favorite handmade site (whether it’s Etsy, Zibbet, etc) and show your favorite artists some love! That’s what I’ll be doing…and finding more items to share!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#21

Hello, everyone! It’s that time again. Weekly Wednesday! So, I know I didn’t have an edition last week for you, but it wasn’t because I forgot. Work-related stress was the reason. I’ve been prepping for a couple of months getting ready for interviews and working hard to get everything running smoothly..well all that caught up with me and I just had to have some time to rest myself and recharge. In case you were wondering, I did get the promotion!! Yay!

This week, I felt like featuring tribal themed jewelry because I’ve been liking a lot of items here lately that fit within that category. Everything is so full of interest and playfulness. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite picks!

Item #1 is from HAWKHOUSE

Aren’t these rings gorgeous?!? I think I’d have to get a few and stack them for even more of a statement. The color tone of the copper compliments the raw turquoise stone in a perfect way. The artist puts a large amount of work into these pieces (a total of 1-2 weeks) including electroforming and shaping the copper ring. Embodiment of boho jewelry!

Item #2 is from Reva4kaHandmade 

Let me first say that I normally wouldn’t go for this type of earring, but I LOVE these. The beadwork is exquisite! The red feathers provide that pop that ties together the top with the bottom. I could see wearing these on a date night or just a night out with friends. You’ll definitely catch someone’s eye with these!

Item #3 is from cafeandshiraz

COLOR!! I love color, and I’m loving these right now. The center bead almost resembles earth, and the edge pieces are radiant points coming from it. When I first saw these I thought the edge pieces were completely beaded..upon looking closer, I realized that what I thought were beads were actually different colors of waxed, woven cotton cord. There’s also a yin yang going on with the soft subtle curves of the metal and the robustly colorful side pieces. All the differences create a perfect balance.

Item #4 is from ZoeMadisonGifts

I saw this cuff and immediately thought, “That’s so cool!” I’m a huge fan of the patterns. (I couldn’t resist purchasing the tribal tumbler from work–it incorporated many of these designs). The cuffs this artist designs are done using a professional dye transferring technique, extreme heat, and high pressure. She has a lot of different designs, but I was really drawn to this one. You also don’t have to worry about water ruining this piece. It won’t fade or peel and has a hypoallergenic coating applied.

Item #5 is from ArtofGoddess

I’m loving this necklace, not only because it’s long, but also because is fuses macrame with jewelry making–two completely different art forms turned into one. The detail in each rod of the necklace creates a delicate nature while the cord and macrame give a tough vibe. The color combination is great! Loving this one!

I appreciate each and every one of you for sticking with me over the past week’s hiatus! I still have lots more things to feature, including a few of my own hand-crafted pieces (I’ll be sneaking them in every so often). Now, head on over to your favorite site for handmade goodies and show your favorite artists some love!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#19

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday! I’m late again posting this week’s favorites, and I apologize for that. Work has been really busy with preparing for my interviews for team lead. I’ve been getting home and crashing. And it’s not a short 20 minute nap…it can be an hour or more..haha. But what is important here is that I’m getting these favorites to you despite all of the other stuff I have to do!!!!

With it being unbearably hot (and HUMID) here in Tennessee, I decided a beach theme was appropriate. Nice cool water and sun. Hey, at least you can cool off when you’re hot, right? I’m ready for a beach trip, but right now, it’s just too dang busy. So, without further ramblings from me, I present BEACH Jewelry…

Item #1 is from SilverTrumpetJewelry 

What could be more beachy than sand dollars and seahorses? The artist has applied a patina to the seahorse and burnished it in a way that makes it look as if you’ve pulled this treasure right out of the ocean. The sand dollar brings out the antique brass in the seahorse. I love the combination of color that keeps a neutral tone while stepping outside of what most would normally consider to be neutral earth tones. The flower bead adds just a little more to this piece by creating a little feminine flair.

Item #2 is from LakeSuperiorDrifting 

I went on vacation a few years ago to Minneapolis (late May early June) expecting to wear shorts….boy was I wrong…They were still wearing coats–not just any coat but COAT coats. I had one pair of jeans to last me. Yeah, didn’t check the  weather because I didn’t think 51 would be the high. Anyway, I brought some amazing rocks back with me, so it was worth it.

Couldn't resist Lake Superior's 41 degree water, could I?

Couldn’t resist Lake Superior’s 41 degree water, could I?

Upon seeing these earrings, I knew I had to feature them not only because I had a small connection to them but also because they’re so neat! They’re also very soothing to look at with their smooth edges. I love that the artist has incorporated nature into her pieces. I also have to agree that finding two very similar stones is almost impossible. We’re talking about stones that have taken years and years to become so smooth and small. Awesome work!

Item #3 is from KitschyKooDesign

Wish you could always have a piece of the beach with you? You can with this piece! Everything in the glass globe is from the beach (I think the artist says it’s from Great Ocean Road). You’ve got sand, shells, and a miniature starfish inside. I think the starfish is kind of cute 🙂 The globe is sealed shut, so you won’t have to worry about the contents coming out. To further accent the piece a hand-stamped ‘dreaming of the sea’ charm has been added. I know if I was wearing this, I definitely would be dreaming of the sea!

Item #4 is from Blackstar

Another stone theme here. I just love rocks (as if you couldn’t tell from my willingness to go into 41°F water)! The smoothness combined with the natural detail of the rock’s composition is just interesting to me. A cairn is a marker of sorts or similar to the balance rock sculptures (read more about them here if you like). This piece is so pleasing to the eye with its smoothness and the gradation of the stones. This particular photo makes it seem like the piece is symmetrical when in actuality it’s asymmetrical (nature isn’t predictable in its erosion process). Since each piece is going to be unique, you’re awaiting a surprise when your package arrives. I love this aspect of it–you get a piece handmade by an artist and shaped by nature.

Item #5 is from zoozjewelry

Are these whale earrings cute or what? AHHH! So, so cute. They’re made out of sterling silver, so you don’t have to worry if you have allergies to nickel. They also come in yellow gold-plated and rose gold plated sterling silver. Options for everyone!

I hope these picks have you envisioning yourself at the beach with your toes in the sand, especially if you aren’t near one like me! Go show your favorite handmade sites and show some artists some love!

Until next time,