Yummy Weekly Recipe #2–Energy Bites

With life being so busy and hectic here recently, I’ve decided that recipes will be a bi-weekly occurrence until things calm down and work gets in order. I’m telling you, it’s been wildly busy…I come home and go down for a nap (or a small coma), so it’s been difficult to get recipes rounded up in addition to finding time to make them. It’s the same with my jewelry…I just do it when I can.


This week, I’ve chosen to make Energy Ball Bites. I found the recipe on Pinterest, which linked it here. I made some changes to her recipe, but it can be changed to suit your ingredient wishes! That’s what I really liked about it–that it was customizable. She also has some great information in her post about various nut butters that can be used in case anyone in your family has allergies. Awesome job to Gimme Some Oven!


  • 1 cup dry, old-fashioned oats
  • 2/3 cup toasted coconut flakes
  • 1/2 cup peanut butter
  • 1/2 cup ground flax seed
  • 1/3 cup honey
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • 1/2 cup of dried cranberries (more if you’d like)


1.) Measure all ingredients and combine into mixing bowl.

Energy Bite Ingredients

Energy Bite Ingredients 

Energy Bites Bowl

Energy Bites Bowl 

2.) Mix ingredients and cover and store in refrigerator for 30 minutes.

Energy Bite Mix

Energy Bite Mix 

3.) Once you’ve chilled the mix and removed it from the refrigerator, roll it into balls. They can be rolled into any size, but you’ll need more ingredients if you make the size larger.

4.) Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to one week.

Ready to Enjoy

Ready to Enjoy 

I’ll have to say that these were quite enjoyable, in my opinion. I want to try some different variations on it to see what will work the best. I’m sure they’ll all taste good, but the experimenting is the fun part!


Until next time, 



Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks-#15

Hello and Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s time for Weekly Wednesday #15! Woohoo! That means I’ve made it 15 consecutive weeks of bringing you the awesomeness of items that are handmade! Yay, Me!! Sorry about that, I just have this bad habit of never keeping up with a blog…ever. That aside, this week I went with a theme. This week’s theme is…drum roll please….*drum roll*…CONCRETE. I had seen one item made from concrete in my browsing a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with the textures of it, so I looked to see if there were more items in “Etsy-land” that fit the theme. Surprisingly, there are many, many jewelry pieces made from concrete. I picked several because of their uniqueness and because I couldn’t stop finding pieces I liked 😛

Without further ramblings from myself, let’s get started!

Item #1 is from  ChalkConcrete and is the original piece that started this theme.

I first came across this piece when I was doing the Pantone-themed blog posts. I almost didn’t keep this one marked, but it spoke to me. You think of concrete as something very harsh, but this bracelet takes that initial concept and shows the opposite..smoothness. The ombre effect is also awesome!

Item #2 is from StudioCorbelle

This is another neat piece I really liked. It almost has a color-blocking look to it with the silver leaf square at the bottom. I browsed the other items in their shop, and simplicity is key to their designing. I also like that they ensure that each piece they create is “glass-smooth.” Awesome concept!

Item #3 is from mongestudio

Cuff time! I like the simple rounded nature of these cuffs. Bold statement with a simple design. The designer of these also has different colors available. The colors are created with pigments, but I think I’d prefer the natural color of the concrete…I do think the other colors would grow on me.

Item #4 is from cerejewelry

I normally absolutely hate the color gold, but I’ve recently found myself liking items that use it…change in taste as I get older I guess haha. The coloring is subtle here, with only one corner containing it. I love the natural state of the concrete, but I also love that it’s been smoothed a bit. The texture here is great!

Item #5 is from HadasShaham

This was the second concrete item to catch my eye. I absolutely love that the square shape differs from the normal round we expect for rings! That and the detail from the sterling silver the concrete is cast in make this ring stunning. The monochromatic color scheme also makes it perfect for any outfit needing a statement.

Item #6 is from BEREZKI

This is probably the most interesting necklace I’ve seen that utilizes concrete. The length of each of the “icicles” is varied but provides a balance. In addition to the varied length of the icicles, the glass bead’s placement is another piece to the balance puzzle. The smoothness is achieved by sanding and sealing. I love it!

Item #7 is from frauklarer

First, let me say I love these shapes. I had to make paper “crystals” in high school for my chemistry class, and one of the challenges she had for us was to identify an unknown crystal (later I identified it as an isododecahedron), so I definitely relate to these shapes! It also reminds me of the base design of the Everlasting Gobstoppers from the 70s version of Willy Wonka for those of you who prefer that version over the new one (I personally like the 70s version because the new one is creepy). Again, enough of my rambling. These are just neat–that’s all there is to it–AND the simplicity. Many rounds of applause to this fellow crafter for the design and the walks down memory lane I just had!

Item #8 is from KoncreteKat 

I never in my life would have thought about using concrete in earrings, but these have changed my mind. I love, love, love the simplicity of these earrings, and the air bubbles add to that nature and create charm. Gorgeous design!

Now that I’ve gone through each of these, I really may have to consider purchasing some lovely concrete jewelry…perhaps when a better paycheck comes around *sigh*, but it doesn’t hurt to look and drool does it?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Weekly Wednesday. Like it, share it, or link it! Get the word out about how great concrete jewelry can be!  Now, go show your favorite artisans some love!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks-#14

Hello, everyone! It’s time for another Weekly Wednesday! We’re back in the land of jewelry this time, and I have found some fantastic items!

This edition may be rather short and a quick read, as I am not feeling the best in the world (gotta love sinus and allergy issues). A doctor visit is in my future in the morning (one thing I try extremely hard to avoid), so I wanted to make sure that I was on time with providing you the latest picks from Etsy.

Let’s go ahead and hop to it, shall we?

Item #1 is from feltlikepaper

My favorite things about this bracelet are the colors and the tassels. The listing is actually for two different sets of colors, but I probably would get 3 to create the look above. The color combination is striking, and the gold beads add a little roughness to the sleek nature of these bracelets.

Item #2 is from Meebird

I’m loving the intricate detail of this ring! It’s feminine, yet makes a powerful, bold statement. Awesome!

Item #3 is from amywaltz

I starting to become a fan of stacking rings…especially after seeing this particular set with its patina. They are hand-forged and burnished after the patina is applied. This set is so delicate, and the patina really adds something to the  set.

Item #4 is from VelvetOrchestra

This necklace caught my eye immediately upon seeing it. My first thought was, “unique.” I’m a huge fan of unique/different things because I like my individuality, and unique pieces allow me to express it. The crossed chain definitely captures the dreamcatcher nature of this necklace, while the different sizes of chains adds a nice texture variation.

And item #5 is from OffbeatMelody

These earrings are so cute! I’ve never seen anything like them (maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but oh well). I also like the fact that these are made upon order, so no two are exactly alike. They’re made from sterling silver, which is great if you have allergy concerns. I hope to stumble on more items like these in the future!

Well, that’s all I have for you in this edition. I’m signing off and going back to bed.

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks-#13

Hello, Everyone! I hope you all are doing well! Welcome back for another edition of Weekly Wednesday. Today, I wanted to step away from jewelry and take a hop over into the world of office accessories. I was feeling that idea today 🙂 Besides, who DOESN’T love office accessories?!?

I’m ready. Are you? Let’s go!

Item #1 is from Alfamarama

I had myself a little giggle when I saw what this said on the front cover of the notebook. Conquering the world..haha. I  really like the design and simplicity involved as well as how balanced the words are with the blank space. Kraft is also a definite plus in my book..no pun intended..well maybe a little 😀

Item #2 is from Jacoblana

Anyone here NOT have a beverage of some sort nearby when they’re working? Didn’t think so. I always have something within arm’s reach that I can drink, but I hate the wrinkles that show up if the condensation ends up on my papers. I’m OCD…can you tell? I saw these in my browsing  and knew that I needed to add them to my favorites. These are agate slices that can have gold edging added if you wish. The sleek nature of these coasters kind of sends a sense of calm, which is always good when creating.I’m glad the artist mentioned that this particular stone is very dense and resistant to acids (something in most of our beverages). I learned something today!!Thank you Jacoblana!

Item #3 is from LennyMud 

This pencil holder is so cute! I love it! I like my things to be different from the ordinary, and this fits the bill. It’s ceramic, so it could be used as a paperweight as well as a pencil holder. Call it what you want, a porcupine, a hedgehog, etc.

Item #4 is from BySamantha 

This print is gorgeous–I love the simplicity of the colors combined with the more detailed font. The black and white striped background behind the white box really makes the writing pop, and the gold adds a bit of glitz. I’m not too much of a girly girl, but I’m not a tomboy–this would be something that I definitely could see myself having in my half of the office (actually, I think I’ll end up with a little more than half considering how much crafting stuff I have..haha…no, I’ll keep to my half).

Item #5 is from ThePaperBasket

These time cards are neat looking and have that vintage feel. I have some old library cards in my stash of crafting supplies (I’ll be moving those to our new house this weekend). I don’t know what it is about them, but I like them anyway. You’re probably wondering what you could do with these–the artist specifies scrapbooking, planner inserts, tags, or photo backgrounds.

Item # 6 is from JoyfulArray

OMG! I’m in love with this absolutely adorable origami cactus!!!!!! AHHHH! (I get the same sort of feeling for this as I do when I see fluffy cats). This is perfect if you’re not the best plant parent—take it from me…I’ve killed a cactus (I think I had help from my dad because he flooded it, but who really knows—the point is it’s dead). I’m not a terrible gardener…just certain things. Oh how embarrassing it is to admit that I killed a real cactus. I may have to purchase on of these for myself…Restraint, Meagan, Restraint!

There are so many awesome office accessories that I couldn’t possibly include everything that I loved. I may have to just do a random post with more favorites (not on a Wednesday)! What do you think about that…more favorites besides Wednesday? I shall mull on that one for a bit before I decide what to do.

Make sure to visit your favorite handmade websites and show these and your other favorite artists some love! They deserve it for sharing their talent through their crafts! Round of applause for all handmade crafters.

PS….I’m going to my parents’ house this weekend to get all of my crafting stuff (it’s a lot of stuff), my kitchen stuff, and my kitty cat, Coco. More stuff for me to create with and more stuff to make this house come together! Check out my instagram to see how my office space is coming together!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks-#12

Welcome back! It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for another Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks! First, let me say how much I enjoyed the Pantone theme from the last several editions. With that being said, I’ve decided to move along and go back to my random favorite Etsy finds. I felt like I was kind of in a rut with the Pantone theme because I had the overwhelming desire to look at other items in other colors. I love Pantone, but I’ve had enough until I do the Fall colors..haha!

Let’s get started!

Item #1 is from MadMaxArtistic

The boldness of this necklace is awesome! The two large beads are balanced out with the calming color of the howlite. I loved how the designer added another handmade touch to the metal beads by painting them. There are three sizes of beads in this and each complements the other.  The placement of the largest beads provides a pleasing difference in statement necklaces. They aren’t at the bottom center, so the eye is drawn to a different place than what you would normally expect to look. Kudos to that design detail.

Item #2 is from MissMacie

And here we have an upcycled item! This is a trend I’ve noticed–I include at least one upcycled item in every edition of Weekly Wednesday. Maybe I should make that a theme for one? Hmm..I’ll think on it. This ring is a spoon. Yes, I said a spoon. A spoon that has been turned into a ring. This designer has various styles of these rings–some like this one, with a more tribal design, and some with more intricate details. Something about this one spoke to me more so than the others. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry…..or should I say a beautiful spoon?

Item #3 is from gildedingypsy

I went gaga over this bracelet when I first saw it (like I do many of the items I feature). The fullness almost looks too full, but when you actually step back and look at the piece, you realize that it’s perfect for this particular bracelet. This one is actually three bracelets in one.  A lot of the bracelets I often see are very thin and don’t have very much body, but this one is very pleasing. Seashells, abalone, and a mermaid cameo are the main components; each has its own texture, but they all balance out. I personally think it’d be great to wear anywhere, but I’m sure most people would suggest the best place to wear it would be the beach.

Item #4 is from TempestSociety

I picked this ring because, obviously, it caught my eye and because of its simplicity. Sometimes less is more and makes a bigger statement than large, colorful pieces. The textured nature of this ring gives a bold touch and interest. I love the fact that the artist creates each piece individually so no two rings are exactly the same, which also goes along with how no two people are the same. So, if no two people are the same, why should anyone have the same jewelry? Ponder on that one, my friends.

Item #5 is from TheSageWreath

I am absolutely in love with this bracelet wrap! Everything about it is unique. There’s texture going on as well as bright, but subdued, colors. The texture shows up the most in the fabric wrapped in wire and is accented by the textured beads.I like the fact that there is a large amount of cultural variation in the beads–African trade beads, leopard skin jasper, turquoise, and Moroccan pottery beads–it gives more allure and mystery to the bracelet itself…almost like it has  story of its own to tell.

And last, but not least, item #6 is from tiedupmemories

Item 6! haha..I told you that I’d throw more than 5 in sometimes 😉 I love the simplicity of this necklace! It’s gorgeous. The asymmetrical nature of it adds even more to  it. Soft colors with a pop of gold is working it here. Even thought the colors are soft, the variation in the color temperature is just the right degree for this necklace.

Kudos to all of the designers/artists in today’s and every Weekly Wednesday edition. You all have created some very beautiful, eye-catching pieces. Keep it up!

I know we all love handmade things, so hop on over to your favorite designers/artists– Etsy, Zibbet, or otherwise–and show them some love! I know they appreciate it! Tune in next week for another Weekly Wednesday! If you’d like, comment below with a category of which you’d like to see a Weekly Wednesday edition!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks-#11

Hello, everyone! It’s another Wednesday, and you know what time it is…it’s Weekly Wednesday time!! Let me apologize in advance if this is a briefer edition than usual….I’m writing this last night (you’re reading it today..lol), and I’m extremely groggy from the nap I took earlier–Naps are more of a ‘nap coma’ for me–haha–takes me a while to boot back up 😉

After more browsing on Etsy, I came across several items that fit today’s theme of Pantone Classic Blue. I know I mentioned combining all the blues together into one post, but I found so many that fit this color that I dedicated an entire post to it 🙂 Ready? Ok, let’s go.

Item #1 is from leeski

This ring caught my attention immediately upon seeing it. I’m totally loving the cracked silver over the blue. It gives it a distressed look, like it has a story to tell. Glass rings have been a favorite of mine for a while now. This would be a great piece for a variety of social situations–casual or glam.

Item #2 is from AMWgallery

I’m in love with this ring. It’s another one that would be great in a variety of social situations—casual or glam. I really like the fact that you can tell it’s handmade from the soldering, which I feel gives the piece character, The natural beauty of the stone is great, too, especially with the variation in the stone color.

Item #3 is from thegivehandmade

Feathers are something I’m seeing a lot lately in the boho style. I’m a fan of all things boho (you probably think I’m a fan of everything by now, but, no, I have a very particular taste about things–everything has to be unique and catch my eye immediately). I’m not normally a fan of any sort of color blocking at all, but the technique works for these–maybe it’s the asymmetrical nature…I don’t know, but they’re definitely cool.

Item #4 is from julishland

I see this cuff bracelet as a statement maker. It’s in-your-face but subtle at the same time. The color variation within it is awesome and even looks cracked and raised as some points. The designer offers these in three sizes, which is great because wrists really vary in size (I have a hard time finding bracelets that fit my wrist–they like the fall off). Again, this is another versatile piece that I would wear at several occasions. Great work on this!

Item #5 is from HaKNiK

This is a great statement necklace. It’s size and shape make it bold, but the fringe softens it and brings it back down. Each piece is handmade to order, and I love that. The designer puts a piece of themselves into the work. The detail this takes is definitely painstaking, but well worth it as you can tell.

Well, that about rounds up this week’s edition of Weekly Wednesday for Classic Blue–Stay tuned for a few more Pantone-themed editions before I go back to my random picks (I’ve got a lot of those for you, and I’m sure you’ll enjoy them as much as I have enjoyed browsing–so much fun t see what other designers are creating). Now, hop on over to your favorite handmade site and show your favorite artists some love!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#10

Hello, everyone! Welcome back for another Weekly Wednesday! It’s still Pantone-themed, BUT this time I’m doing a couple of the colors instead of only one. Believe it or not, there aren’t a vast array of items that are these colors that really stand out to me and say, “Look at me! Look at me!” Because of this, I thought throwing a couple together was a great alternative so I’m not skipping any of the colors. Let jump on in 🙂



Item #1 is from jarka

Jasper comes in so many colors it’s hard not to be a fan of it. Each piece seems to be a bit different from another, so there is already a unique quality to the stone itself. How it’s incorporated here is awesome. I’m not a huge fan of copper chain, but any other color chain would definitely detract from the uniqueness of this piece. In addition to the jasper, there’s a nice tree of life charm attached.

Item #2 is from SoCalKnotty

I like druzy jewelry, but I’ve not yet used them in any of my work. I think I’d rather look at them awhile before I ever make an attempt at incorporating them into my pieces. This color is exquisite…not like any other I’ve seen. I like the idea the artist had with this particular piece by leaving the back unplated so light could shine through.

Item #3 is from LemonIslandTreasures

I really enjoy the shape of ginkgo leaves. They’re like little fans. At first glance, I thought these were ceramic, but upon further reading, found out they’re polymer clay (with the impression of an actual leaf no less!) treated with alcohol inks and liquid polymer clay. Such talent in creating this illusion!




Item #4 is from johnsbrana

I saw these and immediately knew I had to feature them. They look so real. I’m guessing they’re impressions of actual leaves, but if they aren’t I’d be really surprised. I see delicateness and edge along with a pop of color. The detail is amazing! Something so simple but yet a statement in themselves.

Item #5 is from JenCruittDesigns

This piece is different from what I would normally lean towards, but it caught my eye. Each strand of the tassel is composed of seed beads. I know how tedious stringing those suckers can be, so I applaud the artist on the patience. Besides the orange tassel, this necklace has accent beads that create a lovely balance.

Item #6 is from pinkingedgedesigns

This set of earrings is so freaking CUTE. I love them. These would be great for a fall outfit since fall is full of vibrant colors and PUMPKINS!!

Item #7 is from FlowerleafStudio

Alright…had to get an upcycled item in here…lol…I’m such a fan of anything upcycled. This ring is created from a Scrabble tile! Great way to use old game pieces! The distressed look has a nice rustic feel to it, and the medallion flower piece adds a delicate nature to this ring. I also like the fact that it’s adjustable (hey, fingers expand, fingers shrink…most of us have been there).

Ok, that’s about it for this edition of Weekly Wednesday. I hope you have enjoyed seeing these items and are looking forward to more. I’ll most likely combine the three blues together in one post primarily because of the reason I combined these two–my browsing isn’t resulting in much so far, but there’s still plenty of time for me to stumble upon unique items..mwahahaha 😛 Alright…enough of my sillines…go show your favorite handmade artisans some love!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#9

Continuing with the Pantone theme from last week, I will be featuring items for the color “Strawberry Ice” this week. I searched around for quite a while trying to find beautiful items that fit the Pantone color. One of the items I had picked to featured actually sold before I could get this post up..haha…so I had to go and find another item to replace it. I don’t want to feature items that have already sold because I don’t feel that doing so is fair to you; however, I can’t guarantee that items won’t be sold by the time you’re reading this 😉 Now, onward and upward with this week’s favorites!

Pantone Strawberry Ice

Pantone Strawberry Ice

Item #1 is from StellaMargaritis

I really like the simplicity of this necklace as well as the brass pieces that mix it up a bit. It’s one of those pieces that would look great worn by itself or layered with other necklaces. Either way it would look great.

Item #2 is from CantenaSieraden 

I’m a huge fan of anything boho, but this one caught my eye. The mix of textures, its delicate nature combined with a sort of sharpness…so many things I like about it. Beautiful work.

Item #3 is from danaleblancdesigns

“Strawberry Ice” was the first thing to pop into my mind upon seeing this beauty! With this statement piece you wouldn’t need any other accessories because of the pop of color it provides and its chunkiness.

Item#4 is from LaLaCrystal

Wedding season is upon us and jewelry is always a part of the big day for both the bride and bridesmaids. This set of earrings has a delicate, feminine feel about it–perfect for a wedding.

Item #5 is from inblamishan  

I’m loving this statement ring. The turquoise stones accent the druzy so well! My hands are so little that this ring probably would overpower me, but why would it be called a statement ring if it didn’t? I’d say this would be a great accessory to add to the wardrobe.

Item #6 is from crownandleaf 

I featured this piece because it’s a bit different. I’m not sure what it is…maybe the crochet piece…maybe it’s the large chain…maybe it’s all of these things. This one could be super casual or dressed up. Dual duty jewelry is always a plus. There are also two pieces to it. You can wear one, both, or layer it with some of your own similar jewelry!

Hop on over and visit these and other artisans on your favorite handmade sites and show them some love. We all work hard and put a piece of each of us into each and every piece we create, so enjoy!

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks –#8

Hello, again everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday as always! I’ve decided to go with a theme for a few posts. If you don’t know who Pantone is, let me enlighten you. Pantone is a color system that the fashion/home industry uses to ensure the color a designer is talking about is the same color the manufacturer is using–a coding system if you will. In addition to making sure all in the design process are on the same page, Pantone also dictates the “in” colors for a season. Check them out here. So, this week I decided to compile several jewelry items in the color Lucite Green (very similar to mint green). I’d say that this one is definitely my favorite out of the ones forecasted. Now, on to the good stuff…

Item #1 is from SmallGreyCat

I love cats, so these, in my opinion, are absolutely awesome. Cats rule! (I’m also a dog person, but I have a cat bias)

Item #2 is from THECA

Stacked bracelets are a trend that I’m seeing in a lot of different places: Instagram, Wanelo, We Heart It, etc. They’re pretty neat. I love that these combine the metal and the color to create perfect balance, and the feather charms are neat as well.

Item #3 is from SloaneJewelryDesign

I don’t know what it is about this bracelet, but I’m absolutely gaga about it. I guess it’s the gold flecks mixed in that do it for me. It’s also made from an eco resin, so that is another plus to it.

Item#4 is from ScrewandStone

Gemstone anything is all the rage this days, and this ring is a good example of why. It’s simple and natural, classy.

Item #5 is from YellowBearWares

When I first saw this ring, I knew that I HAD to include it in one of my Weekly Wednesdays. I never would’ve thought of this unique idea!! Knitting needle to jewelry. Another upcycled goodie.

Item #6 is from BossyMossyBeads

I’ll have to admit that this necklace made my jaw drop. It’s exquisite. The natural beauty of it is just stunning. Definitely a statement making necklace!

Item #7 is from paragraphloop

The simplicity of these earrings is what caught my attention–well, that and they weren’t dangle earrings. Don’t get me wrong, I love dangle earrings, but I have a hard time wearing them because they always get tangled up in my hair (even small hoop earrings can be a pain). The wood grain adds a nice natural element to them and adds balance to the color.

I hope you all have enjoyed this edition of Weekly Wednesday as well as the Pantone theme I decided to go with! I’m not sure if I’ll do back to back editions based on the colors, or if I’ll do each one separately (I think there are 15 or 16 different colors in all). I’ll feel it out as I go 😉 Let me know what you think.

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#7

Weekly Wednesday #7 is here!! This week is going to be a bit different as we are in the middle of our move–different in that I’m going to be featuring office decor and more than 5 things! We’re splitting one of the rooms into a his and hers office, and I’ll eventually post a picture once I finally get everything arranged like I want it 😛

So, without further ado, let’s get started!

Item #1 is from UrbanTradingPost


If you’re a bookworm like me, then you need a set of bookends. I was purusing on etsy the other day when I came across this set. They definitely aren’t the ordinary set of bookends, but I love that about it. They’re also made of cast iron, so you’re ginormous collection of books won’t easily knock them out of the way.

Item #2 is from byDadandDaughter 

This is so COOL. It’s handmade AND it’s upcycled. You can’t get any better than that. I never would’ve thought to do this with license plates, so kudos to byDadandDaughter for their creativity!

Item #3 is from TradeFair 

If you like to have written to-do lists or reminders like me (my boyfriend prefers digital), then something similar to this would be right up your alley. I like this one because it’s very simple, but yet classy and versatile.

Item #4 is from SimSisters 

Oh my goodness! I saw this and just had to feature it! I love little sausage dogs. What more could you want than cute AND comfy!

Item #5 is from TheDoveTree

These would be great for a bulletin board like item #3 above. It adds just a little pop of color but still keeps it simple.

Item #6 is from andrewsreclaimed


If you can’t already tell, I’m a fan of upcycled items. We waste so much, but yet we can reuse a large majority by simply repurposing. This wood block gives you simple storage without creating clutter on your desk.

Item #7 is from Retroburgh

I don’t know what it is about vintage typewriters, but I LOVE them–even this pink one (in case you couldn’t guess, I’m not huge pink fan). You’ve got to have a little love for all things vintage even if they are outdated and/or expensive. I’d buy this one if I had enough cash to do so.

Item #8 is from GoldEnthusiast

I’m really liking this white-on-gold trend I’ve been seeing everywhere. I’m not really a gold fan either, but something about this combination strikes my fancy.

There really are a lot of other items I saw and liked during my browsing, but I figured I’d be safe and stop with 7….I can save the rest for another day. Go show these artisans and all other handmade businesses your love!

Until next time,