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What Have I Been Up To?–Life Update

Hello, all! I know I’ve been missing posts for the past few weeks, so I thought I’d give you some insight into what has been going on in my life. Warning: I’m venting in part of this.

Most of what is keeping me way from regularly posting has to do with work. Starbucks…you probably think it’s a fairly easy job, but it’s not. Not when you’re the team lead of 11 female baristas. I average around 40 hours a week, but I swear it feels like a lot more than 40. I’ve been having some problems with a few of the girls causing drama and saying I don’t do anything. 2 things I absolutely HATE: drama and lying. All of us on this team are old enough to know that these two things get no one anywhere and are bad for all people involved. Being in the retail world, there are a lot of things we have to do that we may not want to do. For example, working weekends. This seems to be a source of the problems occurring, but like I said, it’s retail and you most likely have to work. I only get every other weekend off because of my position, otherwise I’d be there every single weekend, too. Part of the problem is that some of the girls are new, and they aren’t comfortable closing or opening. How can I fix it if I don’t get them use to closing without one of the trainers if I don’t schedule them as closers and openers? I can’t. There have been more than enough training shifts for them to learn the routine. The drama comes in when they refuse to say anything to me. How do I try to go about fixing something if they don’t say anything or if they jump over me and go to someone else? I can’t. I do a lot of things, but if they aren’t talking then I can’t help with the situation. I’ve also been hearing that I don’t do anything from them. I don’t do anything?? If I don’t do anything then why is it that I have absolutely no energy when I come home? How is it that I have no time for anything else? I do the schedule, handle emails, pull sales numbers, analyze business trends, order supplies, do the impossible set ups each season, set up and keep track of the communication log, stay on top of my game behind the bar, check for dates that get missed, order pastries and pull them to the front when they come in, build endcaps, haul 40-50 pound boxes to top shelves, etc. I don’t see that as doing nothing. Maybe it’s because they don’t see me doing it; I don’t know. What I DO know is that I try my hardest to make everything as easy on my team as I possibly can even if it means I make it harder on myself. Most of the time I feel like even with all of the stuff I do, that it’s not enough. I have people telling me it’s more than enough. If it is, then why is my team having these issues? Believe me, I’ve talked with them and asked but to no avail.

I want to create things, but I’m so tired when I get home from all of the previously mentioned things, all I want to do is either rest or sleep. My body screams that it’s tired but I keep going. My sleep is quite restless, so that makes it harder. I like my job, but the drama situation is really pulling my energy.

OK. Vent over. On to happier things that have been going on 🙂 

I’ve been doing some house decorating. It’s just curtains but it’s still fun..haha.

We also had a Halloween party that we hosted at our house. I made a lot of the decorations and a majority of the food. (See! I got to create some things and felt great!) Let me show you some pictures!

I didn’t make these but aren’t they stinkin’ cute????



I made a wreath that can be used for Halloween or Thanksgiving since the bat is removable! It’s been a long time since I’ve gotten to make a wreath, and I’m so proud of this one!! (Nevermind the ugly wallpaper)

Halloween Wreath

Halloween Wreath 

Here is one side of the table that features a meat head platter (Thank you Pinterest!!) There is also beer bread, too. (You can check that post out here)

Table of Food

Table of Food 

This is what you see when you walk into the kitchen. That table skirt, yep, I made it. I really love the colors. I didn’t want to stick with black and orange completely, so I threw in some different ones. I made the trail mix on the table (recipe here)—I have to say it’s awesome in my opinion but I’m biased. And the grand finale–the Jell-O shot syringes (recipe here)



Trail Mix

Trail Mix


That’s been about all that’s been going on in my life recently. So mainly, it’s been work related stuff keeping me from posting every week. I’m hoping after Black Friday that I can get back to my regularly scheduled posts. Oops, forgot to mention that I did do some jewelry repairs and redos so keep an eye out on instagram from those!

Until next time, 




Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#31

Hello, again, everyone! It’s been a while! My apologies for missing several editions of Weekly Wednesday. Life has been SUPER busy, especially with work. I don’t forget about these weekly features; in fact, I think about them whenever I miss them! I’m going to try to do better about my posting schedule, so it may be a different day when I get around to posting each week. Now, I don’t want to keep you waiting because I’m sure you’re on the edge of your seats with anticipation. Without further ado….

Item #1 is from HappyWayJewelry

My first thought upon seeing this ring was, “ooh, that’s different, and I like it.” This definitely isn’t your ordinary ring. Most rings are shaped in a circle as we would normally imagine a circle, but this one takes that ‘normal’ concept and puts a spin, or “twist,” on it. This particular ring is made out of sterling silver, but there is an option to get real gold if you want.  I really appreciate that the artist decided to go with something different, but also kept it delicate enough that it’s not one of those “in your face” pieces.

Item #2 is from MargoHupert

I never really considered making jewelry from felt before seeing this…not sure why the thought never occurred to me, but this artist has done an awesome job with all of the items in her shop. She has necklaces and brooches in a variety of colors–all are equally gorgeous! I really like that this is different and makes a statement.

Item #3 is from earthwatersol

What’s really cool about this piece is that the colors in this bracelet match the shop’s name! Pretty neat, huh? Maybe I’m just a nerd (there’s no maybe to it…I’m a nerd). This is a wrap bracelet that can also double as a necklace! You all know I love dual purpose pieces. You can get a triple wrap bracelet or a single strand necklace. I love the delicate nature of it, but I’m not sure what makes it delicate (does that make sense?). Maybe it’s the teardrop topaz or the topaz seed beads. The color combination goes really well together and is quite pleasing to the eye. This shop is bohemian and vegan, as well as (wait for it…it’s the best part), a monthly donator to animal rescue! This past month, 100% of the proceeds went to helping a kitty get the surgery he needed!

Item #4 is from OrnamentationByMary

Colors!!! I love the combination! Neutrals and pops of brightness every so often. It’s a wrap bracelet, so it’ll look like a stacked bracelet. Lots of patience is involved in pieces like these, trust me–it’s tedious. The artist used a wonderful combination of beads–czech fire-polished, brass nuggets, and porcelain beads. This combination brings about an interesting variation in the texture of this piece. By “interesting” I mean it makes me more curious about it and appreciative of the differences in textures and how mixing them can produce the most amazing things.

Item #5 is from NestPrettyThings

I absolutely love, love, love this necklace. My eye was immediately drawn to it as I was browsing. The color combination is perfect–teal and coral. Even though it’s just a small bit of coral, it’s perfectly balanced with the teal. The gold-colored charm and wire just add to the perfection of the teal and coral. I also love that it’s a simple piece. It’s simple, but the focal point adds that little “somethin’ somethin'” to this necklace. It’d be a great touch to almost any outfit–patterned (as seen in the picture) or solid. I could also see it going with something a little more fancy than just everyday casual.

Now that you’ve seen my list (after a long wait), go visit some artists and show them some love because they want to share their talent and love for their craft with you.

Until next time, 


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#30

Hello again, everyone! I hope you all have had a good past couple of weeks! My apologies for missing last week’s Weekly Wednesday edition….another busy week and another busy weekend. Lots of stuff I’ve been into in addition to work–i.e., winterizing the house, organizing, going to a wedding and the pre-wedding festivities. So, since I’ll still setting up house and getting everything decorated, I’m kind of in the mode of looking at home stuff and probably will be for a while :p But hey, everyone needs home decor ideas, right? That’s what I thought! Let’s get started.

Item #1 is from buProducts

I saw these and thought they were pretty darn neat. We all probably need drink coasters, so why not get some stylish ones? When you purchase these you can choose to make a donation to honey bee conservation, which is definitely a good thing considering the honey bee population is dwindling, and they pollinate the majority of our food! I vote for the donation. Aside from these coasters begin neat as all get out, they’re also sustainable because of the fact they’re made from bamboo. Bamboo grows up to 2 feet per day!! There are so many awesome things about these–I don’t know why you wouldn’t want some! You can even get a Bamboo Honeycomb Clock–the possibilities are endless!

Item #2 is from BanjaraTribalArt

I don’t know how into Kantha quilts most people are, but I really like the style of them. These are made using Sari material and hand-stitched by women in India. I love that each stitch is done by hand–each person who stitched these quilts is putting a part of themselves into each one. I have one vintage kantha quilt in my den, and I love it. There are some imperfections in it, but I think that they add to the charm. I’m looking into getting another one because someone is always using it when I want it—sometimes it’s the dog hahaha. Let the trolling for kantha quilts begin!!! This shop has vintage and new kantha quilts, so it’s about what fits your style…maybe both.

Item #3 is from WestNinthVintage

I not a fan of cookie cutter designs. I want something different, something unique. This lighting set really speaks to me. It’s composed of steel and wood. The wood has been painstakingly distressed and stained by hand over several weeks. No two are alike. Each pendant light comes on 6 feet of cord allowing you to adjust the lengths of each bulb–another way to stay away from the cookie cutter look. Another plus is that the electrical work is configured for the U.S. and other countries. If you want vintage bulbs (I’d have to say yes) or cages for the bulbs, the shop also sells those and lots of other cool stuff!

Item #4 is from AmelaynaDesigns

I’m in love with these concrete planters!!! They’re absolutely gorgeous, and the added color gives it that something extra. Love, love, love it! Colors can be customized if you’re after a certain one. This is another unique piece  as the bubbles, texture, and smoothness vary. Check out the shop for more items!

Item #5 is from PineknobsAndCrickets

If you have a hard time keeping plants alive like me, then something like this is definitely right up your alley. I’d probably arrange some fake flowers in them…maybe even just the wheat. They’re just the thing one needs to decorate a space that was previously a blank canvas. I’m really loving the wood, copper, and green bottle combo. There’s something so natural about it…something so calming. You have the option to customize the color of the wood, but I really like what’s shown here. If you’re curious (and I know you are), this shop has a lot of awesome stuff!

Alrighty, now that I’ve shown you some of my favorite picks, I hope I’ve given you that itch to go look for some awesome items! I’m going to go browse some more stuff and just lose myself on Etsy for a while and so should you!  Hop to it and show your favorite artisans some love!

Until next time,