Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#30

Hello again, everyone! I hope you all have had a good past couple of weeks! My apologies for missing last week’s Weekly Wednesday edition….another busy week and another busy weekend. Lots of stuff I’ve been into in addition to work–i.e., winterizing the house, organizing, going to a wedding and the pre-wedding festivities. So, since I’ll still setting up house and getting everything decorated, I’m kind of in the mode of looking at home stuff and probably will be for a while :p But hey, everyone needs home decor ideas, right? That’s what I thought! Let’s get started.

Item #1 is from buProducts

I saw these and thought they were pretty darn neat. We all probably need drink coasters, so why not get some stylish ones? When you purchase these you can choose to make a donation to honey bee conservation, which is definitely a good thing considering the honey bee population is dwindling, and they pollinate the majority of our food! I vote for the donation. Aside from these coasters begin neat as all get out, they’re also sustainable because of the fact they’re made from bamboo. Bamboo grows up to 2 feet per day!! There are so many awesome things about these–I don’t know why you wouldn’t want some! You can even get a Bamboo Honeycomb Clock–the possibilities are endless!

Item #2 is from BanjaraTribalArt

I don’t know how into Kantha quilts most people are, but I really like the style of them. These are made using Sari material and hand-stitched by women in India. I love that each stitch is done by hand–each person who stitched these quilts is putting a part of themselves into each one. I have one vintage kantha quilt in my den, and I love it. There are some imperfections in it, but I think that they add to the charm. I’m looking into getting another one because someone is always using it when I want it—sometimes it’s the dog hahaha. Let the trolling for kantha quilts begin!!! This shop has vintage and new kantha quilts, so it’s about what fits your style…maybe both.

Item #3 is from WestNinthVintage

I not a fan of cookie cutter designs. I want something different, something unique. This lighting set really speaks to me. It’s composed of steel and wood. The wood has been painstakingly distressed and stained by hand over several weeks. No two are alike. Each pendant light comes on 6 feet of cord allowing you to adjust the lengths of each bulb–another way to stay away from the cookie cutter look. Another plus is that the electrical work is configured for the U.S. and other countries. If you want vintage bulbs (I’d have to say yes) or cages for the bulbs, the shop also sells those and lots of other cool stuff!

Item #4 is from AmelaynaDesigns

I’m in love with these concrete planters!!! They’re absolutely gorgeous, and the added color gives it that something extra. Love, love, love it! Colors can be customized if you’re after a certain one. This is another unique piece  as the bubbles, texture, and smoothness vary. Check out the shop for more items!

Item #5 is from PineknobsAndCrickets

If you have a hard time keeping plants alive like me, then something like this is definitely right up your alley. I’d probably arrange some fake flowers in them…maybe even just the wheat. They’re just the thing one needs to decorate a space that was previously a blank canvas. I’m really loving the wood, copper, and green bottle combo. There’s something so natural about it…something so calming. You have the option to customize the color of the wood, but I really like what’s shown here. If you’re curious (and I know you are), this shop has a lot of awesome stuff!

Alrighty, now that I’ve shown you some of my favorite picks, I hope I’ve given you that itch to go look for some awesome items! I’m going to go browse some more stuff and just lose myself on Etsy for a while and so should you!  Hop to it and show your favorite artisans some love!

Until next time, 



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