Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#29

Hello, everyone! I know, I know…it’s Thursday and I’m suppose to post on Wednesday. Here lately my days off have been more on Thursday and Wednesday, but I hope to get myself back on schedule. Yes, I realize I say this every time, but I AM trying!! Since the first day of Fall was this week, I decided that fall themed jewelry would be a good route to go and explore. I’ll have to say…there is a LOT of fall themed jewelry!! Lots and Lots.  Shall we get started? Let’s go!

Item #1 is from ChusCraft

I’m really liking the combination of neutrals used in these earrings…brown and gold. And what could be more fall-ish than leaves and pine cones?? There is also a little bit of culture included with these that I wasn’t aware of, so I’m learning as I browse! The pine cone is a symbol of Enlightenment as well as the Third Eye. I always love it when cultural background/history is included in the descriptions! The leaves are made of raw brass, and the pine cones are made of red bronze, so you’ve got a combination of metals, which have their own unique properties, in addition to the colors. The maker also allows you to pick what kind of hooks that come with these–raw brass (as seen in the above photo) or gold-plated clasps. I really like the raw brass clasps, because I feel it’s a more natural state and because it matches the leaves.

Item #2 is from Mirma

First thing–I love the simplicity of this ring! This item is entirely handcrafted in that the sterling sliver sheet was shaped and polished and the tree was carved. Patience was a key player in this piece! Sometimes, I noticed (in my browsing) that a lot of fall-themed jewelry was really just in-your-face fall–don’t get me wrong, I like that, too, but a little simplicity goes a long way.

Item #3 is from ShelleyCooperJewelry

The charms and colors of this bracelet scream, “It’s Fall!,” to me. I like the little dangly bits because they have a mind of their own and fall where they want (no pun intended) and are just the right length to not get in the way. There is also some history mentioned with this one as well, so that’s also a plus for me! This one is definitely a piece to grab and add to your collection!

Item #4 is from NestofReveries

Chevrons are still in (at least I hope so–I just bought curtains with chevron print), so I really wanted to feature something with it. The colors of the leather speak the word ‘fall’ to me; you’ve got cream, brown, and a dark mustardy color–obviously fall, but also obviously 70s. I also really like the length of this necklace. It’s 34.4 inches long and has no clasp to fool around with (Can you tell I have issues with clasps?). The length also is good because it doesn’t it at that awkward spot right below your shirt’s neckline where you have to keep fishing it out from. If there are any guys reading this, the previous sentence is an actual problem females deal with when it comes to jewelry–jewelry is meant to be seen and not hidden behind the shirt, so don’t think we’re crazy when we keep changing clothes so we can wear a certain necklace.

Item #5 is from ForTheCrossJewelry

This set of pumpkin earrings is just too freaking cute! I like how the “vine” continues to climb up the clasp of the earring and adds more dimension to what normally is a blank space (the leaf is also a nice touch). We all also know I’m a fan of anything matte, so obviously you know I’m really loving the matte nature of the pumpkins and leaves! This one is a must for fall! Also, if you don’t like these, she has more in her shop. 🙂

I know I’m ready for fall…especially for cooler temperatures, but not the allergies! Go look on you favorite handmade site  for the perfect jewelry piece that says “Fall” to you and show your favorite makers some love!

Until next time, 



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