Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#28

Hello, Everyone! It’s that time again….time for Weekly Wednesday that is! I’m late again with posting but at least it’s not a week or more between. There just hasn’t been a lot of time with work (especially this past Tuesday…almost an 11 hour shift due to a call out). Maybe I should rename it to “Thrifty Thursdays.” We’ll see..lol

Item #1 is from LilyAndLouise

Ok…first let me say that I absolutely LOATHE (insert Jim Carrey’s The Grinch version) the art deco style–primarily the sharp, masculinity of the architecture–it’s just so…ick. I’m just not a fan. Now I will say I approve of it more when there are more rounded shapes used. The iron railings and stained glass are usually pieces I prefer to look at…just not the main architectural points. Anyway, this isn’t architecture…lol.

I love this bracelet–even if it is art deco. There are some sharp features to this piece, but there is enough feminine detail to outweigh the sharp. Another great perk with this piece is that the main detailed piece can be switched out with the other bangles in the artists’ shop. And, trust me, you really should check out some of the other items….awesome stuff.

Item #2 is from sowelljewelry

There really isn’t a description on this item’s page, but I love all of the detail put into the piece. This maker is a silversmith and everything about this ring is hand done. All the shapes and textures..everything. I like the boho look, and I think this would be great for anyone who also loves the style and anyone you see as a free-spirit.

Item #3 is from ChaseAndScoutDesigns

I saw this pendant and thought, “that’s so cool!”  I haven’t seen a lot of honeycomb stuff, but I think it’s definitely something that could trend if people picked it up. This piece is cast from an original piece of honeycomb using the lost wax method (a mold is made using the real honeycomb; the mold is preserved and pieces are cast from it). This is just plain gorgeousness!

Item #4 is from BuildaStack

You already know I’m a fan of the stacked ring look, but I really love these in particular. I think it’s because of the mixed metal and the varying textures used. This set would be great to top off almost any outfit, or you could wear each separately, which is also another great thing about these sets. This one in particular is just pleasing to the eye and not overly detailed. Simplicity at its finest.

Item #5 is from LalaBoho

Oh, the detail! I love the detail in these earrings! In addition to the detail, you could wear one of these as a necklace–so dual purpose jewelry! The filigree and dot-work are inspired by northern India’s silversmiths, so there is a large amount of history with this set as well. They are brass, so the makers suggest a particular care process for them–don’t get them wet (this includes sweating) and don’t sleep in them. Also be gentle when handling them (as with any jewelry). Don’t like a “bull in a china shop.” You may have to google that since I sometimes use peculiar words and phrases that are used only in a particular area. (My boyfriend likes to tease me (lovingly) about some of the words I use–i.e. hose pipe, eat-a-snack–just look them up if you’re wondering what the hell I’m saying) 😉

Item #6 is from Impulse18K

I’m such a fan of twig/branch rings! They’re just so gorgeous, and the work is so intricate. The artist mentions a Tibetan wedding custom in the description, which is very interesting–I love it when the cultural/historical details are mentioned about a piece. According to the page, it is Tibetan tradition for the mother of the bride to wrap string around her daughter’s finger, and the number of times it wraps around indicates how many years the daughter will be graced with a happy marriage. Hopefully they had a long piece of string or tied more together 🙂

Now, as always, go to your favorite handmade site and show your favorite artists/makers some love!

Until next time, 



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