Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#26 So Totally Me

Hello, everyone! Here we are for another Weekly Wednesday! I figured since I don’t talk a lot about myself on here that I would pull together some things that are totally me–products, cartoons, etc. I will warn you ahead of time that there are curse words in use in some of it, but that’s how I am and I’m not about to hide who I am from anyone. All of our eccentricities are what make us each unique individuals 🙂

Item #1 is from feltplanet

Cat lady here! This is a great way to say it, too. We’re usually at our computers, so anyone who sees this should positively know you’re a cat lover. I love dogs, too, but I was raised with cats. This mouse pad is made from wool, which is eco-friendly, but the maker says it may not do well with sensitive gaming mice…like that’s going to stop me from loving it–I don’t play games that are sensitive to movement.–can’t do it or I’ll puke. And probably the BEST thing about this is that 10% of the proceeds go to no-kill shelters! Save the kitties and doggies!

Item #2 is from LennyMud

Yes, I work at a Starbucks, but I’m usually pretty much dead. This is perfect for those of us who are like the walking dead at work….especially when you clopen (a close shift followed by an open shift). Some days it’s all I can do to function much less put my happy face on for guests. Maybe this would get me started. This mug is hand-painted and fired and fits most cup holders. (Side note: I refuse to buy a car that does not have a cup holder…yes, I know it’s a stupid thing to be a deal breaker on a car, but I really don’t want to try driving and holding a cup between my legs (especially, when people drive like maniacs where I live.) Another huge plus here is that it’s dishwasher and microwave safe–what more could you want?

Item #3 is from MinkyMooCeramics

What have we, here…..Another cat item? Yes, if the first item wasn’t enough to tell you I’m a fan of cats, here is another one. Usually, me and house plants don’t mix…side note: I’ve killed a cactus (that’s pretty bad), but I may have had some help from my dad who flooded its container with water one day. It’s starting to become more clear that my dad played a bigger role in that than previously thought because I’ve had success in growing vegetables. I love this planter because–obviously–it’s a cat and because it’s not something you’re going to see every single day like the plain terra-cotta pots. It’s important to me to have things that not everyone else is going to have because I don’t want to be a cookie cutter of someone else. This pot is made completely by hand starting with the white clay bisque. it’s just so freaking CUTE!! I want it!

Item #4 is from MrBlacksGoods’

First, let me say…this item sold by the time I got to post this, but I absolutely had to include it anyway because it was so me. I hope the maker produces more of these—they’re just too awesome and sooooo descriptive of life in general. I swear I laugh every time I see it. Awesome design job!

Item #5 is from sinansaydik

Can I say that I’m absolutely one of those people who gets home and the pants come off? After spending all day constricted in khaki pants, I just want to GET THEM OFF when I get home, and you can bet that I refuse to where anything restricting after that. It’s me and my pjs or yoga pants/shorts. Screw anything else! I love this print, and it was the first time I’d actually seen anything like it. Guess there are more no pants people, huh? Great job for having this print!

Can't stand those damn pants

Can’t stand those damn pants

Hand to include that…hahaha

Item #6 is from MTspaces

Any fans from Sherlock? If so, you’ll definitely know where this is from! I need one of these for when I’m in my thinking mode…I’ve got to get my creative ideas down somewhere where I know I’ll find them. I’ve been having a creative block for the past few weeks, so I’ve not been making a lot of stuff, but I’ve had ideas come and go because I didn’t have a place to write them down—or I guess I should say a place I’d know where I’d written them down. I like this notebook also because it’s embroidered, so I know it’s a great quality item…perfect for Sherlock fans!

I hope you’ve enjoyed today’s edition and enjoyed getting a little more insight into who I am. Quirky is probably the best term, but I don’t really know..haha. Anyway, head on over to your favorite handmade site and show your favorite makers some love!

Until next time, 



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