Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#25

Hello, Everyone! It’s time for another edition of Weekly Wednesday! No theme today…just some fabulous picks from browsing the jewelry on Etsy! Not a lot going on in my personal world…just work, work, and more work.

Countdown to picks in 3…2….1…..Go

Item #1 is from peggytrue

I’m really liking multiple bracelet stacks these days, and this maker has quite a few of them and all are equally gorgeous. It was difficult for me to narrow it down to one, but this one kept catching my eye. I like how the colors are primarily neutral with a few that aren’t. This particular set is composed of 9 bracelets (two of which are stretchy and the rest are bangles) made from semi-precious stones, upcycled fibers, and mixed metals. You all know that I really like upcycled items, so that makes me like it even more! Attached to one of the bangles is an antique bronze tree of life charm. It looks to be a fairly good-sized charm with intricate details and is a great addition to the primarily neutral, earthy tones within the bracelets. Definitely a must have if you like stacked bracelets!

Item #2 is from LittleTimberHouse

These makers primarily make items other than jewelry, but they still have several unique pieces! This ring was hand turned out of wood and topped with a colored resin. Simple and gorgeous at the same time. I’m really liking how the geometric shaped were combined–you’ve got circle and a rectangle, which lend themselves to sharp and smooth edges. BAM! I love it.

Item #3 is from GypsyLamb

Take a look at these beauties! I like that they’re multi-layered in a way that wouldn’t tangle too terribly in long hair–always a plus because who else hates brushing out those huge knots and losing a chunk of hair? They’re so delicate, and the color combination is awesome! These are made using niobium wire, which is hypoallergenic (another plus). She has a lot of other neat jewelry in her shop you should check out. In addition to Etsy, more of her work can be found here on Instagram. I’ve been following for a while, and she always has new stuff to showcase!

Item #4 is from NestPrettyThingsShop

First, let me say that this particular listing is for ONE of these tassel necklaces. Having said that, I think that this is a competitor for a new fashion trend–layered tassel necklaces. Maybe I’m crazy, but I think combining necklaces like these is very stylish and would add an interesting aspect to any outfit. I’m really liking that the beads are only on the lower part of the necklace letting the chain provide a delicate nature to the piece. I never really would’ve thought to have used the color combinations the maker picked, but they definitely work!

Item #5 is from fatash1

When I first saw this necklace, I thought it was woven together with a very thin gold thread, but as I looked closer, I realized that it was actually crocheted! How neat to combine two totally separate art forms–jewelry making and crochet. I love how the stringing material she chose directly complements the beads and stones within the piece. I’m also liking how the textures have been combined—you’ve got soft rounder beads with chunkier beads, and the crocheted stringing material adds in another texture!. This maker has a lot of gorgeous pieces, and is definitely one to watch!

Comment, like, share, and link, and, most importantly–Make sure you go show your favorite makers some love and tune in next week for a new edition of Weekly Wednesday!

Until next time, 



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