Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#24

Hello, everyone! Since it’s that time of year again when colleges are getting ready to be back in session, I decided that this edition of Weekly Wednesday would be the prime opportunity to showcase items that every young adult needs when they head out for the college world. Of course, these things are still great for those of us…including, ahem, myself…who are nearing the 30s. My birthday was Monday, and I hit the big 28..so yeah…30s…yeah..  Anyway, let’s get to it shall we?

Item #1 is from labelfrance

Yes, I know this is an old-timey alarm clock, and I know most people use their phones or a more modern version of the alarm clock, BUT there is a really good reason for my featuring this other than the fact that I think it’s awesome. Have you ever had the power go off–which knocks your alarm clock out (or the battery back up fails) and stops your phone charging? Or maybe you only have a phone alarm–have you had that conveniently not charge and miss your alarm? This girl here has, and let me tell you, it’s not at all pleasant. PANIC MODE!! I suggest that you have one of these just in case you have a situation like mine happen and also if waking you is like waking the dead (like me).

Item #2 is from TurnbuckleDesign

Who all has a crap load of gift cards or loyalty cards? *raises hand* I know it’s not just me, and I know it’s not just me that has problems keeping up with all of them.  This card holder will help solve that problem. We all know college students get discounts, so what better than to have somewhere to keep them all! The cards are stored within credit card holders that fan out from one corner and are held in place as a convenient little rectangle by an elastic band. More organization is always good…and who doesn’t need it?

Item #3 is from spicerbags

College students are going to travel home or go somewhere on the weekends sometimes, so they’ll need a nice, sturdy bag to pack their stuff in. At this age, you need something that is going to hold up instead of something you’ll end up constantly replacing (ahem, like my backpacks in college until I actually invested in a better made one). This weekend bag isn’t cheap, but it IS a good quality bag. It’s made from a heavy-duty canvas that has had a water-resistant treatment applied, leather straps that wrap around the whole bag for added support, exterior zip pockets, and a waterproof liner. It has everything you’d want in a durable bag, so I think this one would make a very good investment for the college student or adults in general.

Item #4 is from seaandasters

Anyone else ever kill a cactus? No? Just me? (Well, I think I had some help from my dad–it was fine until he decided it needed his version of WATERING–oh well, we’ll never know haha) I think that having a real, live plant in the living space adds a sense of balance to that particular area. Now, don’t go turn your space into a jungle–I’m talking maybe a couple of small plants, like a cactus. I see it as something that might help teach responsibility to the college student–no one wants a dead plant sitting around. This neat little planter is pretty cute and would add a little somethin somethin to your space.

Item #5 is from threelovelydreamers

No one likes 8 am classes (or getting up early), so what better to have a travel mug to motivate you to “get shit done?” We have to have somewhere to store the caffeine. This maker has a variety of different items, so if glitter isn’t your thing, there are other options to choose from. I really like the look of the texture of this one even though I’m not a die-hard glitter fan. Sometimes it’s not just the caffeine that gets you going…it’s the saying…and I LOVE this one!

And last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST, item #6 is from PocketSquares

A lot of people probably like to use electronic planning tools, but I really like to have a hard-copy, in-hand planner. I’ve never been one to lean toward the electronic side of things when it comes to paper products–I prefer the real book to a digital one, a real planner to a digital one, etc. I guess I just like being able to see and touch–haha. As one goes into college, there are a lot more things to keep up with including, homework, due dates, get-togethers, etc. How would you keep it all straight? A good ole planner that’s how! Not only are they useful for college students, but they are also useful to pretty much anyone. Take me for instance–I have to place orders, make schedules, give people days off, etc. I do have issues checking it though…darn it!  This maker allows you to put a custom quote on this particular planner, but I really like the one that’s shown on there…cracks me up! Included within are the following: 2 schedule timetables, weekly pages, to-do checklists, monthly calendar pages, note pages, and a double-sided pocket in the back. It’s also made from recycled paper and fiberboard.

If you haven’t started searching for back-to-school or back-to-college (or maybe just life in general) I suggest you get to it. This list is just a start of things most people need for this time of the year or in any point in life. Handmade doesn’t have to include just crafty stuff as you’ve seen here–it covers multiple realms! Get out there, get your supplies, and get to showing your favorite artists and makers some love!

Until next time, 



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