Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#23–Mala Edition

Hello, Everyone! Welcome back for another Weekly Wednesday! This week, I decided to go with a Mala theme (seen a lot in boho styles and in Buddhist culture). All of the shops whose items I’ve featured today have lots of gorgeous items, so I had to narrow it down to one item per shop–you may want to go take a look at all the beautiful items they have! Also, I have an UPDATE on my weekly recipes–yes, I’ve been bad and not posted one recently, but I do have one ready if I can ever get around to writing about it (and it is DELISH)! Making beverages all day doesn’t really motivate me to make something else when I get home (nor does it motivate me to wash dishes). I’m still going to be doing them, just not at a weekly pace…more of a ‘when I can get time to do it’ pace!

Malas have been growing in popularity in recent months because of their appearance in fashion and use in yoga, but I want to give you a little bit of background behind them in case you aren’t familiar with the origin. Malas are traditionally used as prayer beads in the form of meditation. There are usually composed of 108 beads in addition to a guru bead to help the user keep count of how many times they have repeated a mantra. Malas are also made in counts of 18, 27, and 54, but they all go into that initial 108 an even number of times. Sometimes they are composed of specific beads for particular purposes (one type of bead is used for one mantra and another for a different mantra). I won’t go any further into their origin than this but I will leave a link here in case you are interested in learning further about them 🙂

Now, let’s jump into today’s finds!

P.S. These can all be used as either necklaces or bracelets as most of them use the traditional 108 beads! Versatility is always awesome and always a plus!

Item #1 is from beadsnbones

The first thing that caught my eye with this piece is how it’s not like your normal mala. The second was the variety of textures inherent in the beads that were used–carved bone beads from Nepal and Tibet, vintage crow beads, bone and vintage glass beads, and a conch shell from Nepal. So much culture and simplicity in one piece! Gorgeous piece! For more information on the symbolic nature, head over to the listing.

Item #2 is from NOMADaccessoriesETSY

I really like the contrast with the pink and green here! The colors balance each other–the softness of the pink and the harshness of the green. The guru bead in this piece is a bodhi seed (red stars and moon type–description here and here ). I also really like the knots between each individual bead because it adds more detail and makes it all the more handmade. Like I said in the beginning, I had to just use one piece from each shop, but there were several others that I loved from this maker!

Item #3 is from TrueBelieverJewelry

I saw this on and went, “this is f*%king gorgeous!” I’m absolutely in love with the color palette the artist chose. This mala is composed of blue sky jasper, white jade, amber-colored bone with inlaid turquoise, yellow jasper, and metal beads. Such a variety! The symbols in the metal piece stand for ‘Om Mani Padme Hum’ which is the mantra spoken by Buddhist followers. Even with all of the details and colors going on, there is something soothing about this particular piece. Maybe it’s the balance created by all of it; maybe it’s the placement of the beads; maybe it’s just me 🙂

Item #4 is from TheMintedMagpie

I love the contrast between the pink and the blue used here in this piece. The use of the two colors in the one tassel is just striking. Most of the time I see malas with tassels of only one color, so this one takes the cake for best tassel! The artist has also used silver beads intermittently. Supposedly the pink agate enhances creativity and strengthens intellect in addition to being a good luck and harmony stone.

Item #5 is from EarthHeartJewelry

Gorgeous prehnite beads are used in this lovely mala! The detail in the beads themselves is exquisite–each one is different. There are also a few czech picasso beads used as the drop for the tassel (which bring out its color) as well as a handmade “be” charm within this piece. The artist mentions that the charm is remind the wearer to live in the moment and “Be true, Be authentic.” I feel that they put the meaning of that charm in the best words possible because we all need to be aware of the moment as well as be true and be authentic—how can we really know others without first knowing ourselves by doing just that..being true and authentic?

Item #6 is from SzidoniaCollection

For the final item for this edition, I decided to change it up and feature a mala bracelet instead of a necklace. I’ve got to have a few surprises every now and then, don’t I? Gotta keep you guessing! As with all of the other items, this can be worn as a necklace or as a bracelet. Each of the 215 beads used to make this bracelet are made of sandalwood and are strung on a durable stretchy jewelry cord–in my opinion, this is a plus because it allows the piece to stretch if you’re wrapping it around your wrist for a bracelet (especially if you have to wrap it more than most people–like me; I’ve got smaller wrists, so I need that stretch to be able to twist in another layer or two). The colors chosen are really fitting for this piece as they are mainly earthy tones–the green and red give it a little bit of a pop as does the larger bead placed right at the guru bead (the bead the two strings come from). There is also another piece (I can’t really tell what it is) right below the guru bead that lends a little metallic glitz.

As always, go to your favorite handmade site and show your favorite artisans some love! Tune in next week for another Weekly Wednesday!

Until next time, 



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