Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#22

Hello, everyone! What day is it? It’s Weekly Wednesday! Are you ready to see some fabulous items I’ve found? There isn’t really a theme this week, but I don’t guess I really have to have one when I pick whatever strikes my fancy 😛 I know today’s post is coming a bit late, and I do apologize for that. More and more work stuff I’ve had to take care of in addition to taking out time for myself has had to take the majority of my time. If I don’t take time for and take care of myself, I won’t be able to bring you these favorites I’ve found, so just bear with me. I really appreciate it! Now enough jabbering and onto the fabulous finds!

Item #1 is from brightsmith

I’m getting to where I like ring stacks more and more..Not sure why, but they’re growing on me. I really liked this set because of the balance created by the two gold-fill and sterling silver bands. I guess you could wear them in any order gold-silver-gold, gold-gold-silver, or silver-gold-gold, but the first option allows you to frame the sterling silver dots. the hammered texture of the gold-filled bands is excellent and easy on the eye. It’s not a whole lot of detail but just enough to be stunning.

Item #2 is from quietclementine

Upon finding this item, I realized it was actually a seconds sale because of some stray gold marks on the back. Who is going to notice? Not me. I really fell in love with the piece because of the ceramic center. The gold edging is what makes it pop. I like how the artist varied the speckling across the piece focusing in some areas more than others and varied the size of the white spots as well. It’s a completely unique piece: hand-cut, hand-speckled, and hand-glazed. Perfect for a conversation piece.

Item #3 is from WearItMiniPlants

I saw these and thought they were pretty neat. This shop specializes in making jewelry with live succulents. I’ve seen things similar to this–mainly dandelion seeds, but I don’t recall ever seeing live plants. Now, I will admit (I apologize in advance) that I thought these were just fake plants, but as I read the description and about the shop, I came to the realization that they are in fact live and do have a way to be watered when needed. This particular succulent is from South Africa and contains hues of green, purple, and red. It can grow to be up to 3.5 inches tall, so I’m assuming that these can be taken out of capsule and transplanted. Watering your succulent is easy..every few days (depending on which succulent you purchase) you can sit the container in some water and let the little plant drink up. Pretty neat in my opinion!

Item #4 is from VirginiaWynne

In my job, we aren’t allowed to wear any earrings other than studs (obviously because no one wants an earring in their drink). That wasn’t the first thing that drew me to them, but it’s an added plus! What drew me to them was their simplicity. Simple yet elegant. Perfect for those of us who do work in food and who have long hair that tangles easily in dangle earrings (Not all dangle earrings tangle with my hair, but those chandelier ones really give me trouble!). These are soldered with sterling silver or 14k gold backings–another plus if you have allergies to nickel or other metals.

Item #5 is from thepricklypeartn1

I’m going to self-promote here this one time because I really do love these earrings, and I wanted to share them with you, too! This set is a hodge podge of various items–shells, rhinestones, howlite, chain–that I threw together because I wanted to create something a little out of the ordinary..it’s not every day you see lightbulb bases on earrings! I love the variety of color in them, and I also have a necklace that matches…not sure if I’ve had time to list it or not (Mental note to self: check to see if I’ve listed the matching necklace).

Go forth now to your favorite handmade site (whether it’s Etsy, Zibbet, etc) and show your favorite artists some love! That’s what I’ll be doing…and finding more items to share!

Until next time, 



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