Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#21

Hello, everyone! It’s that time again. Weekly Wednesday! So, I know I didn’t have an edition last week for you, but it wasn’t because I forgot. Work-related stress was the reason. I’ve been prepping for a couple of months getting ready for interviews and working hard to get everything running smoothly..well all that caught up with me and I just had to have some time to rest myself and recharge. In case you were wondering, I did get the promotion!! Yay!

This week, I felt like featuring tribal themed jewelry because I’ve been liking a lot of items here lately that fit within that category. Everything is so full of interest and playfulness. I hope you enjoy some of my favorite picks!

Item #1 is from HAWKHOUSE

Aren’t these rings gorgeous?!? I think I’d have to get a few and stack them for even more of a statement. The color tone of the copper compliments the raw turquoise stone in a perfect way. The artist puts a large amount of work into these pieces (a total of 1-2 weeks) including electroforming and shaping the copper ring. Embodiment of boho jewelry!

Item #2 is from Reva4kaHandmade 

Let me first say that I normally wouldn’t go for this type of earring, but I LOVE these. The beadwork is exquisite! The red feathers provide that pop that ties together the top with the bottom. I could see wearing these on a date night or just a night out with friends. You’ll definitely catch someone’s eye with these!

Item #3 is from cafeandshiraz

COLOR!! I love color, and I’m loving these right now. The center bead almost resembles earth, and the edge pieces are radiant points coming from it. When I first saw these I thought the edge pieces were completely beaded..upon looking closer, I realized that what I thought were beads were actually different colors of waxed, woven cotton cord. There’s also a yin yang going on with the soft subtle curves of the metal and the robustly colorful side pieces. All the differences create a perfect balance.

Item #4 is from ZoeMadisonGifts

I saw this cuff and immediately thought, “That’s so cool!” I’m a huge fan of the patterns. (I couldn’t resist purchasing the tribal tumbler from work–it incorporated many of these designs). The cuffs this artist designs are done using a professional dye transferring technique, extreme heat, and high pressure. She has a lot of different designs, but I was really drawn to this one. You also don’t have to worry about water ruining this piece. It won’t fade or peel and has a hypoallergenic coating applied.

Item #5 is from ArtofGoddess

I’m loving this necklace, not only because it’s long, but also because is fuses macrame with jewelry making–two completely different art forms turned into one. The detail in each rod of the necklace creates a delicate nature while the cord and macrame give a tough vibe. The color combination is great! Loving this one!

I appreciate each and every one of you for sticking with me over the past week’s hiatus! I still have lots more things to feature, including a few of my own hand-crafted pieces (I’ll be sneaking them in every so often). Now, head on over to your favorite site for handmade goodies and show your favorite artists some love!

Until next time, 



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