Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#19

Hello, everyone! I hope you all are having a wonderful Wednesday! I’m late again posting this week’s favorites, and I apologize for that. Work has been really busy with preparing for my interviews for team lead. I’ve been getting home and crashing. And it’s not a short 20 minute nap…it can be an hour or more..haha. But what is important here is that I’m getting these favorites to you despite all of the other stuff I have to do!!!!

With it being unbearably hot (and HUMID) here in Tennessee, I decided a beach theme was appropriate. Nice cool water and sun. Hey, at least you can cool off when you’re hot, right? I’m ready for a beach trip, but right now, it’s just too dang busy. So, without further ramblings from me, I present BEACH Jewelry…

Item #1 is from SilverTrumpetJewelry 

What could be more beachy than sand dollars and seahorses? The artist has applied a patina to the seahorse and burnished it in a way that makes it look as if you’ve pulled this treasure right out of the ocean. The sand dollar brings out the antique brass in the seahorse. I love the combination of color that keeps a neutral tone while stepping outside of what most would normally consider to be neutral earth tones. The flower bead adds just a little more to this piece by creating a little feminine flair.

Item #2 is from LakeSuperiorDrifting 

I went on vacation a few years ago to Minneapolis (late May early June) expecting to wear shorts….boy was I wrong…They were still wearing coats–not just any coat but COAT coats. I had one pair of jeans to last me. Yeah, didn’t check the  weather because I didn’t think 51 would be the high. Anyway, I brought some amazing rocks back with me, so it was worth it.

Couldn't resist Lake Superior's 41 degree water, could I?

Couldn’t resist Lake Superior’s 41 degree water, could I?

Upon seeing these earrings, I knew I had to feature them not only because I had a small connection to them but also because they’re so neat! They’re also very soothing to look at with their smooth edges. I love that the artist has incorporated nature into her pieces. I also have to agree that finding two very similar stones is almost impossible. We’re talking about stones that have taken years and years to become so smooth and small. Awesome work!

Item #3 is from KitschyKooDesign

Wish you could always have a piece of the beach with you? You can with this piece! Everything in the glass globe is from the beach (I think the artist says it’s from Great Ocean Road). You’ve got sand, shells, and a miniature starfish inside. I think the starfish is kind of cute 🙂 The globe is sealed shut, so you won’t have to worry about the contents coming out. To further accent the piece a hand-stamped ‘dreaming of the sea’ charm has been added. I know if I was wearing this, I definitely would be dreaming of the sea!

Item #4 is from Blackstar

Another stone theme here. I just love rocks (as if you couldn’t tell from my willingness to go into 41°F water)! The smoothness combined with the natural detail of the rock’s composition is just interesting to me. A cairn is a marker of sorts or similar to the balance rock sculptures (read more about them here if you like). This piece is so pleasing to the eye with its smoothness and the gradation of the stones. This particular photo makes it seem like the piece is symmetrical when in actuality it’s asymmetrical (nature isn’t predictable in its erosion process). Since each piece is going to be unique, you’re awaiting a surprise when your package arrives. I love this aspect of it–you get a piece handmade by an artist and shaped by nature.

Item #5 is from zoozjewelry

Are these whale earrings cute or what? AHHH! So, so cute. They’re made out of sterling silver, so you don’t have to worry if you have allergies to nickel. They also come in yellow gold-plated and rose gold plated sterling silver. Options for everyone!

I hope these picks have you envisioning yourself at the beach with your toes in the sand, especially if you aren’t near one like me! Go show your favorite handmade sites and show some artists some love!

Until next time, 



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