Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#18

Hello again, everyone! It’s time for another Weekly Wednesday! I hope you all are doing well. I’m recovering from a very nice round of poison ivy (detect the sarcasm). I’ve been all itchy and scratchy for about a week, but I think it’s finally going away–I hope I didn’t just jinx myself..lol. I’m also a tad bit late posting this…sorry! I passed out while working on it last night, so I just finished up my editing to make sure everything was coherent–I never am coherent in my sleep, so I thought it might be good to check.

Anyway, I know I’ve featured a lot of jewelry items, so I figured what better to go along with jewelry than a way to store it or at least contain it. I mean, it does get out of control at some point, right? The items I’m featuring today are dishes/trinket holders…there may be a future post in the works for the bigger stuff. You wouldn’t have to use these necessarily as jewelry holders–You could use them for a number of things. Ah, versatility.

Let’s get this started! Onwards and upwards!

Item #1 is from WholesaleSeaGlass

If this isn’t the ultimate upcycle project, I don’t know what is! What’s a better project inspiration that nature itself! Oh. the creativity! I never would have thought to do this. The artists have collected oysters from a nearby oyster bed and washed them to where the opalescent inside of the shell is visible. What is even better about this is that the artists GIVE you ideas for what you could do with it in addition to using it as a ring bowl.

Item #2 is from dgordon

These cloud dishes are so cute! They’re neat looking…not what I was expecting when I was looking a dishes/trinket holders, but I like unexpected things like this one! As I was browsing, I didn’t see very many cloud ring dishes, so if you love these like I do, you may want to make your way over to Etsy and check them out. These little clouds (set of 3) were made from the clay up using several techniques that make each piece unique. The detail comes from stamps and lace, which also gives the clouds texture, while the gold trim adds another interesting dimension and a pop of color. I’ve got to say the white and gold trend is growing on me!

Item #3 is from ElleOneNine

One thing about me that I haven’t told you is that I have this thing for textures. If something has a certain look to it, I want to touch it…or maybe it’s need to touch it…haha…I don’t know, but the texture combined with the colors are the two things that immediately caught my attention. I like that they aren’t sealed in polyurethane—I enjoy the matte finish–I find it very pleasing to the eye. I’m also a fan of bright colors, so these are right up my alley! In addition to the dishes, this artist has jewelry that mimics this theme, and I love that as well!

Item #4 is from theobjectenthusiast

Look! It’s another white and gold trend piece! I think it’s more than growing on me…it’s ranking on up there in my favorite combinations. When I initially look at this piece, ‘boho’ is instantly there. Boom. I also see a sun–the center and the rays. We all love sunny days, don’t we? (Well, minus the intense heat we’re currently having here) The unevenness of the edges of the circle adds to the charm of this piece. The dish is also ceramic (as opposed to polymer clay), so there will be more weight to it. I personally don’t have a preference between the two…wait, yes, I do actually. Ceramic is good unless you have a cat who likes to swat things off of counters–boop, boop, crash! Like this cat here.

Item #5 is from McDonaldMixedMedia

Oh, the color! WOW!! I’m at a loss for words with this one. I love everything about it–the color, the shape, and the patterns. Definitely a must have if you’re like me and enjoy unique pieces! It’s also another matte finish piece…it’s not fired, which is another interesting detail to it. ย I’m just going to sit here a minute and enjoy its loveliness ๐Ÿ™‚

And Item #6 is from OldeKettleLane

I’ll have to admit when I first saw this dish, I thought it was made from wood! The color is pretty much perfect to be mistaken for it. The dish is actually made from polymer clay and has an intricate design. I’m loving how the artist enhanced the detail of the design with the finish. I’m not sure if the design is stamped or hand-carved into the clay, but either way, I love it!

I hope that these little dishes/trinket holders have given you some ideas for ways to store your jewelry collections..or maybe given you a way to hoard more jewelry ๐Ÿ™‚ Hop on over to your favorite handmade sites and show your favorite artisans some love! I know they appreciate it!

Until next time,ย 



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