Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#17

Hello, everyone, and welcome to another edition of Weekly Wednesday!! I’ve got some fabulous goodies for you this week (as I do every week)! This week is a mish-mash of different styles of bracelets. And, like last week, I just started choosing things and the theme came from that.

Item #1 is from TheWhimsicalOffshoot

The first piece is the first one that caught my eye as I was browsing for this week’s post. I’m a huge fan of anything with a patina, and an even bigger fan of things that are UPCYCLED!!! I feel like upcycled pieces take a little more creativity than normal (not that other types of jewelry don’t require creativity) because it takes some time in imagining what something could become, With that being said, I think that you get a little more of the artist when you purchase an upcycled item. The patina on this cuff bracelet was created by a special chemical reaction done by the artist, who then filed the honeycomb pattern into the piece. Amazing work!

Item #2 is from SisterMoonsCastle

This item is quite interesting to me. I love the vintage nature of it. Simple yet detailed all at the same time. Many of the pieces this artist creates comes from tooling that is over 100 years old! I know it sounds weird, but I’m sure there would be stories that the tooling could tell. The gemstones on each end add a bit of allure that comes with bling.

Item #3 is from LittleBitOfJOY

This bracelet is different from most others I’ve seen…primarily the chain tassels. Those add just enough of a punk/edgy feel to the bracelet while still keeping its femininity. I really like the color combination used here as well–the antique brass balances out the blues quite nicely.

Item #4 is from doctorgus

This bracelet is very neat. Another good upcycled piece as well! The fork used to make this bracelet is called “Daylight” and is a 1952 pattern. The curving of the tines really adds something to this piece. Beautiful job!

Item #5 is from HappyMoonDesigns

This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous! I love how the designer used such a large variety of beads–wood, bone, metal, seed, and glass. It’s primarily neutral in color, but it has pops of red, blue, and green for interest. I really like that the shapes are so different from one another. There are round beads; oblong, carved beads; metal tubing; carved beads; etc. A bit of history is also incorporated into this bracelet as some of the beads are old prayer beads that have been worn down from use (recycled beads–me likey)

Item #6 is a piece of fine jewelry from jaunebleu

This piece is way, way out of my price range, but I had to feature it because it immediately caught my attention! In addition to creating the beaded chain, the designer forges the Marrakesh charms. I’m also loving the fact that this piece serves dual purposes–a bracelet and a necklace. One can never go wrong with a piece that works two ways!

Well, that’s about it for this week’s edition of Weekly Wednesday. Stay tuned for next week’s post–which I have no idea what I am going to do yet :p I just know that it will be full of fabulous goodies! Please feel free to comment and let me know any other area you’d like me to feature items from. I’d love to branch out into other areas because I like a lot of stuff and can appreciate all forms of design.

Now…off you go to show your favorite artisans some love!!

Until next time, 



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