Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#16

Hello, again, my friends! I’m back with another edition of Weekly Wednesday! This week I really didn’t start out with a theme, but it became one on its own during my browsing..haha. I started looking at statement necklaces and kept finding piece after piece that I admired. Every item I featured here today seems to represent a statement necklace in a separate, unique category instead of the same design category. It’s funny that everything I selected was a necklace..haha..I hadn’t planned on that happening :p

Ready? Let’s go!!

Item #1 is from OneHappyLeaf

When I saw this necklace I knew I’d be featuring it. It’s so different from what you’d normally see. It’s made from bamboo and is laser cut into this unique shape. I love how when you click through the images in the shop how the necklace itself seems to change with the distance from it–another thing that sets it apart.

Item #2 is from KristineRagusDesigns

I’m in boho heaven with this piece!! It’s gorgeous. It has the smooth quality with its curves and a sharp punch with the turquoise spikes. I feel like the curves and spikes are a great combination because they create a sense of balance within the piece. The raw amethyst combined with the polished turquoise is another balance creator. Texture use in this piece is through the roof. I’m loving it!

Item #3 is from AletaFordBakerDesign 

You probably can’t tell it from this picture, but this necklace is made from teeny, tiny beads woven together to create a rubix cube-like effect. I’ve never seen a necklace like this one, and I absolutely love that about it! I also love that the creator made this to be reminiscent of a childhood toy! It’s a sculpture turned into wearable art. What a fine job!

Item #4 is from ezekielhandmade

I really was struck by this piece because it’s a statement necklace with minimalist quality. This piece also is upcycled (yay! two thumbs up!!). The spiral portion of this necklace originally comes from the excess material of a plant and was turned into a sort of veneer. From the veneer it was shaped into this eye-catching pendant. I love the shape and the curves that the creator has bestowed on this piece.

Item #5 is from StoneDesignsBySheila

Even though I don’t have anywhere fancy to go, I love me some fancy, intricate jewelry. I mean, who doesn’t? If you don’t like to wear it, you could still appreciate its beauty. This piece is a combination of the new and old. Vintage with a twist, I guess you could say. The creator used a vintage jewelry piece with a vintage button and sewed all of the intricate details. The freshwater and glass pearls along with the bugle and seed beads are all hand-sewn onto the vintage piece. I’m sure a large amount of patience went into creating the intricacy of this gorgeous piece.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Weekly Wednesday, and I want to encourage you to head on over to your favorite handmade site (Etsy, Zibbet, etc.) and show your favorite creators some love! Enjoy browsing!

Until next time, 



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