Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks-#15

Hello and Happy Wednesday, everyone! It’s time for Weekly Wednesday #15! Woohoo! That means I’ve made it 15 consecutive weeks of bringing you the awesomeness of items that are handmade! Yay, Me!! Sorry about that, I just have this bad habit of never keeping up with a blog…ever. That aside, this week I went with a theme. This week’s theme is…drum roll please….*drum roll*…CONCRETE. I had seen one item made from concrete in my browsing a few weeks ago and have fallen in love with the textures of it, so I looked to see if there were more items in “Etsy-land” that fit the theme. Surprisingly, there are many, many jewelry pieces made from concrete. I picked several because of their uniqueness and because I couldn’t stop finding pieces I liked 😛

Without further ramblings from myself, let’s get started!

Item #1 is from  ChalkConcrete and is the original piece that started this theme.

I first came across this piece when I was doing the Pantone-themed blog posts. I almost didn’t keep this one marked, but it spoke to me. You think of concrete as something very harsh, but this bracelet takes that initial concept and shows the opposite..smoothness. The ombre effect is also awesome!

Item #2 is from StudioCorbelle

This is another neat piece I really liked. It almost has a color-blocking look to it with the silver leaf square at the bottom. I browsed the other items in their shop, and simplicity is key to their designing. I also like that they ensure that each piece they create is “glass-smooth.” Awesome concept!

Item #3 is from mongestudio

Cuff time! I like the simple rounded nature of these cuffs. Bold statement with a simple design. The designer of these also has different colors available. The colors are created with pigments, but I think I’d prefer the natural color of the concrete…I do think the other colors would grow on me.

Item #4 is from cerejewelry

I normally absolutely hate the color gold, but I’ve recently found myself liking items that use it…change in taste as I get older I guess haha. The coloring is subtle here, with only one corner containing it. I love the natural state of the concrete, but I also love that it’s been smoothed a bit. The texture here is great!

Item #5 is from HadasShaham

This was the second concrete item to catch my eye. I absolutely love that the square shape differs from the normal round we expect for rings! That and the detail from the sterling silver the concrete is cast in make this ring stunning. The monochromatic color scheme also makes it perfect for any outfit needing a statement.

Item #6 is from BEREZKI

This is probably the most interesting necklace I’ve seen that utilizes concrete. The length of each of the “icicles” is varied but provides a balance. In addition to the varied length of the icicles, the glass bead’s placement is another piece to the balance puzzle. The smoothness is achieved by sanding and sealing. I love it!

Item #7 is from frauklarer

First, let me say I love these shapes. I had to make paper “crystals” in high school for my chemistry class, and one of the challenges she had for us was to identify an unknown crystal (later I identified it as an isododecahedron), so I definitely relate to these shapes! It also reminds me of the base design of the Everlasting Gobstoppers from the 70s version of Willy Wonka for those of you who prefer that version over the new one (I personally like the 70s version because the new one is creepy). Again, enough of my rambling. These are just neat–that’s all there is to it–AND the simplicity. Many rounds of applause to this fellow crafter for the design and the walks down memory lane I just had!

Item #8 is from KoncreteKat 

I never in my life would have thought about using concrete in earrings, but these have changed my mind. I love, love, love the simplicity of these earrings, and the air bubbles add to that nature and create charm. Gorgeous design!

Now that I’ve gone through each of these, I really may have to consider purchasing some lovely concrete jewelry…perhaps when a better paycheck comes around *sigh*, but it doesn’t hurt to look and drool does it?

I hope you’ve enjoyed this edition of Weekly Wednesday. Like it, share it, or link it! Get the word out about how great concrete jewelry can be!  Now, go show your favorite artisans some love!

Until next time, 



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