Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks-#14

Hello, everyone! It’s time for another Weekly Wednesday! We’re back in the land of jewelry this time, and I have found some fantastic items!

This edition may be rather short and a quick read, as I am not feeling the best in the world (gotta love sinus and allergy issues). A doctor visit is in my future in the morning (one thing I try extremely hard to avoid), so I wanted to make sure that I was on time with providing you the latest picks from Etsy.

Let’s go ahead and hop to it, shall we?

Item #1 is from feltlikepaper

My favorite things about this bracelet are the colors and the tassels. The listing is actually for two different sets of colors, but I probably would get 3 to create the look above. The color combination is striking, and the gold beads add a little roughness to the sleek nature of these bracelets.

Item #2 is from Meebird

I’m loving the intricate detail of this ring! It’s feminine, yet makes a powerful, bold statement. Awesome!

Item #3 is from amywaltz

I starting to become a fan of stacking rings…especially after seeing this particular set with its patina. They are hand-forged and burnished after the patina is applied. This set is so delicate, and the patina really adds something to the  set.

Item #4 is from VelvetOrchestra

This necklace caught my eye immediately upon seeing it. My first thought was, “unique.” I’m a huge fan of unique/different things because I like my individuality, and unique pieces allow me to express it. The crossed chain definitely captures the dreamcatcher nature of this necklace, while the different sizes of chains adds a nice texture variation.

And item #5 is from OffbeatMelody

These earrings are so cute! I’ve never seen anything like them (maybe I haven’t looked hard enough, but oh well). I also like the fact that these are made upon order, so no two are exactly alike. They’re made from sterling silver, which is great if you have allergy concerns. I hope to stumble on more items like these in the future!

Well, that’s all I have for you in this edition. I’m signing off and going back to bed.

Until next time, 



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