Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks-#13

Hello, Everyone! I hope you all are doing well! Welcome back for another edition of Weekly Wednesday. Today, I wanted to step away from jewelry and take a hop over into the world of office accessories. I was feeling that idea today 🙂 Besides, who DOESN’T love office accessories?!?

I’m ready. Are you? Let’s go!

Item #1 is from Alfamarama

I had myself a little giggle when I saw what this said on the front cover of the notebook. Conquering the world..haha. I  really like the design and simplicity involved as well as how balanced the words are with the blank space. Kraft is also a definite plus in my book..no pun intended..well maybe a little 😀

Item #2 is from Jacoblana

Anyone here NOT have a beverage of some sort nearby when they’re working? Didn’t think so. I always have something within arm’s reach that I can drink, but I hate the wrinkles that show up if the condensation ends up on my papers. I’m OCD…can you tell? I saw these in my browsing  and knew that I needed to add them to my favorites. These are agate slices that can have gold edging added if you wish. The sleek nature of these coasters kind of sends a sense of calm, which is always good when creating.I’m glad the artist mentioned that this particular stone is very dense and resistant to acids (something in most of our beverages). I learned something today!!Thank you Jacoblana!

Item #3 is from LennyMud 

This pencil holder is so cute! I love it! I like my things to be different from the ordinary, and this fits the bill. It’s ceramic, so it could be used as a paperweight as well as a pencil holder. Call it what you want, a porcupine, a hedgehog, etc.

Item #4 is from BySamantha 

This print is gorgeous–I love the simplicity of the colors combined with the more detailed font. The black and white striped background behind the white box really makes the writing pop, and the gold adds a bit of glitz. I’m not too much of a girly girl, but I’m not a tomboy–this would be something that I definitely could see myself having in my half of the office (actually, I think I’ll end up with a little more than half considering how much crafting stuff I have..haha…no, I’ll keep to my half).

Item #5 is from ThePaperBasket

These time cards are neat looking and have that vintage feel. I have some old library cards in my stash of crafting supplies (I’ll be moving those to our new house this weekend). I don’t know what it is about them, but I like them anyway. You’re probably wondering what you could do with these–the artist specifies scrapbooking, planner inserts, tags, or photo backgrounds.

Item # 6 is from JoyfulArray

OMG! I’m in love with this absolutely adorable origami cactus!!!!!! AHHHH! (I get the same sort of feeling for this as I do when I see fluffy cats). This is perfect if you’re not the best plant parent—take it from me…I’ve killed a cactus (I think I had help from my dad because he flooded it, but who really knows—the point is it’s dead). I’m not a terrible gardener…just certain things. Oh how embarrassing it is to admit that I killed a real cactus. I may have to purchase on of these for myself…Restraint, Meagan, Restraint!

There are so many awesome office accessories that I couldn’t possibly include everything that I loved. I may have to just do a random post with more favorites (not on a Wednesday)! What do you think about that…more favorites besides Wednesday? I shall mull on that one for a bit before I decide what to do.

Make sure to visit your favorite handmade websites and show these and your other favorite artists some love! They deserve it for sharing their talent through their crafts! Round of applause for all handmade crafters.

PS….I’m going to my parents’ house this weekend to get all of my crafting stuff (it’s a lot of stuff), my kitchen stuff, and my kitty cat, Coco. More stuff for me to create with and more stuff to make this house come together! Check out my instagram to see how my office space is coming together!

Until next time, 



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