How Do I Design?

I thought today would be a good time to try to start up with adding more posts. I hope that I can keep it up, but I can guarantee nothing with all of the things I have going on right now (i.e., house, work, family, etc). With that, I’ll get started 🙂

I get asked a lot about how I design the jewelry I make. Good question. I’m not the normal designer at I’m sure most designers already have and idea of what they are going to make as far as color scheme, what they’re making, and what they want that item to look like. Some probably actually draw out all the details of the item they’re wanting to design.

Guess what? Not me.

Here’s how I generally do the design process:

First, I start by looking at all my beads until one takes my eye. Sometimes a bunch take my eye, but there is always one that stands out from all of the others. From that one bead, I start picking other beads that I feel would go well together. Next, comes me deciding whether I want to make a bracelet, necklace, earrings, or a ring. Most of the time it’s an easy decision, but sometimes it takes me a little bit to decide. Sometimes it’s influenced by my mood, how much time I have, etc. Patterns or arrangements of the beads come next..In my designs they can be all together like this one here:

Or, they can be spaced out like this one:

After spacing/pattern is figured out, I just put it together.

And, that, everyone, is how I design. A little harem scarem , I know. I’m odd in the way I do a lot of things, but especially jewelry design. It’s like a little bit of this, a little bit of that, a little space, shake it up, and voila…a new piece has been created….and all from just one bead. I don’t buy things with anything in particular in mind…I just go with it and get what jumps at me–sometimes there are a couple I see and the process just starts. All those who are creative understand….the ideas just sort of come, and there’s no controlling them..haha. Sometimes you can see a product in the home section of a store, and the process gets set never know.

I hope this has given you some insight into my weird method of designing and into my life as a designer/individual. Feel free to ask me questions in the comments below. If there are enough, I’m thinking about composing a post answering some of them :).

Until next time, 



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