Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks-#12

Welcome back! It’s Wednesday, and that means it’s time for another Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks! First, let me say how much I enjoyed the Pantone theme from the last several editions. With that being said, I’ve decided to move along and go back to my random favorite Etsy finds. I felt like I was kind of in a rut with the Pantone theme because I had the overwhelming desire to look at other items in other colors. I love Pantone, but I’ve had enough until I do the Fall colors..haha!

Let’s get started!

Item #1 is from MadMaxArtistic

The boldness of this necklace is awesome! The two large beads are balanced out with the calming color of the howlite. I loved how the designer added another handmade touch to the metal beads by painting them. There are three sizes of beads in this and each complements the other.  The placement of the largest beads provides a pleasing difference in statement necklaces. They aren’t at the bottom center, so the eye is drawn to a different place than what you would normally expect to look. Kudos to that design detail.

Item #2 is from MissMacie

And here we have an upcycled item! This is a trend I’ve noticed–I include at least one upcycled item in every edition of Weekly Wednesday. Maybe I should make that a theme for one? Hmm..I’ll think on it. This ring is a spoon. Yes, I said a spoon. A spoon that has been turned into a ring. This designer has various styles of these rings–some like this one, with a more tribal design, and some with more intricate details. Something about this one spoke to me more so than the others. I’m not sure what it is, but it’s a beautiful piece of jewelry…..or should I say a beautiful spoon?

Item #3 is from gildedingypsy

I went gaga over this bracelet when I first saw it (like I do many of the items I feature). The fullness almost looks too full, but when you actually step back and look at the piece, you realize that it’s perfect for this particular bracelet. This one is actually three bracelets in one.  A lot of the bracelets I often see are very thin and don’t have very much body, but this one is very pleasing. Seashells, abalone, and a mermaid cameo are the main components; each has its own texture, but they all balance out. I personally think it’d be great to wear anywhere, but I’m sure most people would suggest the best place to wear it would be the beach.

Item #4 is from TempestSociety

I picked this ring because, obviously, it caught my eye and because of its simplicity. Sometimes less is more and makes a bigger statement than large, colorful pieces. The textured nature of this ring gives a bold touch and interest. I love the fact that the artist creates each piece individually so no two rings are exactly the same, which also goes along with how no two people are the same. So, if no two people are the same, why should anyone have the same jewelry? Ponder on that one, my friends.

Item #5 is from TheSageWreath

I am absolutely in love with this bracelet wrap! Everything about it is unique. There’s texture going on as well as bright, but subdued, colors. The texture shows up the most in the fabric wrapped in wire and is accented by the textured beads.I like the fact that there is a large amount of cultural variation in the beads–African trade beads, leopard skin jasper, turquoise, and Moroccan pottery beads–it gives more allure and mystery to the bracelet itself…almost like it has  story of its own to tell.

And last, but not least, item #6 is from tiedupmemories

Item 6! haha..I told you that I’d throw more than 5 in sometimes 😉 I love the simplicity of this necklace! It’s gorgeous. The asymmetrical nature of it adds even more to  it. Soft colors with a pop of gold is working it here. Even thought the colors are soft, the variation in the color temperature is just the right degree for this necklace.

Kudos to all of the designers/artists in today’s and every Weekly Wednesday edition. You all have created some very beautiful, eye-catching pieces. Keep it up!

I know we all love handmade things, so hop on over to your favorite designers/artists– Etsy, Zibbet, or otherwise–and show them some love! I know they appreciate it! Tune in next week for another Weekly Wednesday! If you’d like, comment below with a category of which you’d like to see a Weekly Wednesday edition!

Until next time, 



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