Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks –#8

Hello, again everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful Wednesday as always! I’ve decided to go with a theme for a few posts. If you don’t know who Pantone is, let me enlighten you. Pantone is a color system that the fashion/home industry uses to ensure the color a designer is talking about is the same color the manufacturer is using–a coding system if you will. In addition to making sure all in the design process are on the same page, Pantone also dictates the “in” colors for a season. Check them out here. So, this week I decided to compile several jewelry items in the color Lucite Green (very similar to mint green). I’d say that this one is definitely my favorite out of the ones forecasted. Now, on to the good stuff…

Item #1 is from SmallGreyCat

I love cats, so these, in my opinion, are absolutely awesome. Cats rule! (I’m also a dog person, but I have a cat bias)

Item #2 is from THECA

Stacked bracelets are a trend that I’m seeing in a lot of different places: Instagram, Wanelo, We Heart It, etc. They’re pretty neat. I love that these combine the metal and the color to create perfect balance, and the feather charms are neat as well.

Item #3 is from SloaneJewelryDesign

I don’t know what it is about this bracelet, but I’m absolutely gaga about it. I guess it’s the gold flecks mixed in that do it for me. It’s also made from an eco resin, so that is another plus to it.

Item#4 is from ScrewandStone

Gemstone anything is all the rage this days, and this ring is a good example of why. It’s simple and natural, classy.

Item #5 is from YellowBearWares

When I first saw this ring, I knew that I HAD to include it in one of my Weekly Wednesdays. I never would’ve thought of this unique idea!! Knitting needle to jewelry. Another upcycled goodie.

Item #6 is from BossyMossyBeads

I’ll have to admit that this necklace made my jaw drop. It’s exquisite. The natural beauty of it is just stunning. Definitely a statement making necklace!

Item #7 is from paragraphloop

The simplicity of these earrings is what caught my attention–well, that and they weren’t dangle earrings. Don’t get me wrong, I love dangle earrings, but I have a hard time wearing them because they always get tangled up in my hair (even small hoop earrings can be a pain). The wood grain adds a nice natural element to them and adds balance to the color.

I hope you all have enjoyed this edition of Weekly Wednesday as well as the Pantone theme I decided to go with! I’m not sure if I’ll do back to back editions based on the colors, or if I’ll do each one separately (I think there are 15 or 16 different colors in all). I’ll feel it out as I go 😉 Let me know what you think.

Until next time, 



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