Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks #6

Hello, hello! I went a completely different route with this week’s Etsy picks. Actually, I’d say that I never really considered even broaching this category because I didn’t think there would be very much to find. The category I speak of is jewelry for…wait for it…MEN. Yep, I delved into the category and found some interesting items. Maybe this will help you all find an item for that special someone…because we all know they’re hard to shop for!

Item #1 is from Timewatch

These are just neat! They’re also upcycled, which make them even better! These would be perfect for any guy who likes to tinker or who loves watches or gears.

Item #2 is from coolNaturalJewelry 

This ring is absolutely gorgeous with walnut enlaid between two ebony pieces. It has such a smooth transition, and the ring itself is pleasing to the eye.

Item #3 is from ElegantCuff

Ok, who has heard of the hit TV show Breaking Bad? I’m guessing many of you have…if not from watching it then probably from a male in your life. Well, if you know a fan, this would be an awesome gift for them.

Item #4 is from ShadedLines

I love the sleek look of this tie clip..topped off with ammo. It’s also made from upcycled bullet casings and would look great with a casual or more professional outfit.

Item #5 is from GroundEffect

I’d have to say that this watch is my favorite of the items I’ve featured today. I don’t know exactly what it is about it….the detail or the simplicity within its exquisite detail. I think I’d definitely be watching the mechanisms of this guy for a while. Another plus is that the top band detaches from the bigger cuff…very versatile.

I hope my delving into this category has given you many ideas for this hard-to-buy-for group–MEN. There are many artisans that hand make men’s items, and these are only a few of them. Check them out and head to the others you find. Show them some love!

Until next time, 



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