Life and Business UPDATE!!

Hello, all!

It’s been an extremely busy week for me in lots and lots of ways. Good ways but nonetheless time-consuming, frustrating, great, etc., ways. So let me fill you in on what’s been going on behind the scenes in my life.

(1) Job: My primary job is at a Starbucks Target. My manager is out of town on vacation. So what could be the good news here? I’m being AST (advanced store training) trained…technically I’d be able to run the Starbucks on my own if I needed to do so. Yes, lots of responsibility involved here, as well as a lot of time. Since my manager is on vacation, I’m her for the next two weeks. Her schedule is usually early mornings, i.e., 7 AM, until later afternoon, i.e. 3:30-ish. This is absolutely killing me, because I’m not use to being at work that early. I’ve mentioned before that my schedule isn’t predictable, so I’m sure it’s obvious how this is working so far. I’ll get into the groove of it though because I like the job.


(2) Health: I’m also a little bit of a health nut..I try not to eat too terribly bad and I maintain regular exercise. I do a combination of pilates, yoga, and other workouts each day (usually about an hour). It keeps me feeling good, and relaxes me. I do have rest days, and believe me, I can be super, super lazy. Work has stressed me a little bit, and I store it in my neck/shoulder/back area. Exercise and work have affected that area, but my boyfriend doesn’t mind rubbing the lovely, painful knots out. Kudos to him for being a trooper with the shoulder rubbing!! I’ll be doing a post later on at some point about the exercise I like, but if you want to check out my absolute favorites in the meantime check out : ToneItUp, Blogilates, and Yoga With Adriene.

(3) Home: Totally awesome news here, everyone! After a year of trying to get this one particular house and get out of the renting loop, my boyfriend and I have finally closed on the property!!!! Technically, not until next Wednesday but EXCITEMENT abounds!! We both will finally have a normal work area (HIS WORK and MY WORK) instead of sharing a tiny desk or me working on the bed. I can’t say how excited either of us is about this great development.

the development in the housing situation leads me to….

(4) Moving: Lots of stuff to do here. If you’ve ever moved, you know what I mean. If you’ve separated, gone back, finally divorced, moved on with life,  moved again, and finally are moving one more time, then you truly understand how this is…HAHA. A lot of my stuff is still in my parents’ basement 3 hours away. They don’t know where most of my stuff is since they had a water line explode in the basement. Hmmm, sounds fun, eh? We have basic stuff, but not much other than that. His mom and grandparents have been amazingly good to us and purchased some furniture for the house. The current owners of the house have also given us some furniture as well, so we won’t be sitting on crates exactly. Couple moving with my work schedule and you get one stressed out individual. I’m EXCITED, so most of it isn’t bad stress…the bad stress is me trying to figure out how to do it all and keep my creative side going at the same time.

All of these are reasons you’ve not seen a large amount of my work on here. I’ve not had time to try to create my jewelry, in addition to adding more ideas here. So at least for the next couple of weeks, bear with me as I still post my regulars (Food for Thought Mondays and Weekly Wednesdays) with the occasional life updates. Like I’ve mentioned before, I’m terrible with keeping up with blogging, but this time is going to be different!

Before I sign off and continue the day, I will share my latest creation that I’ve listed on Etsy in The Prickly Pear shop…

I’ve got another idea going, so if I get time today, I’ll be working on that as well!

Until next time, 



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