Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks-#5

Hello again! It’s time for another Weekly Wednesday! Ready for round 5? I thought so! Let’s dive in.

This week I picked a hodge podge of jewelry items in a variety of price ranges. I usually try to keep my picks within a certain range, but sometimes I just can help myself!

Item #1 is from RedPaw

The colors of the turquoise in this pendant are absolutely amazing! So unique.

Item #2 is from PunaheleLove

This bangle is awesome, especially if you love the beach. And who doesn’t love the beach? We may prefer different places, but I don’t think anyone hates the beach.

Item #3 is from ranaway

This ring just has me in awe of its uniqueness. It’s so different, so detailed, and so elegant.

Item #4 is from 3DivasStudio

This one is just gorgeous. The colors of the beads and the tassel flow so well together, and the tulip bead cap just adds the finishing touch. But, alas, my budget won’t allow for it….maybe someday…

And item #5 is from PickleDogDesign

This cuff is so out of the box! It’s different, and I LOVE it! Kind of makes me a bit giddy 🙂

I hope you have enjoyed this week’s edition of Weekly Wednesday and stick around for future editions (lots of item features to be had)! I’m also hoping to be blogging more, but I’ll have to see what my work schedule is going to look like–it’s been busy and slightly unpredictable here lately. We’re also moving residences within the next couple of weeks, so it’ll be an experience getting my own work area and moving ALL of my supplies.

Until next time, 



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