Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks -#1

So, you all have heard of Etsy, right? Most people have, but if you haven’t, get on over there and start looking!! There are so many neat things on there, and a majority of the items are handcrafted. I feel that supporting the handmade community is something we all should engage in because it allows an artisan to live out his or her dreams and create things! Let’s start the supporting!

Every Wednesday, I’ll have a list of some items on etsy that I absolutely love (all of them won’t be jewelry related). And, without further ado, I give you Weekly Wednesday #1!

The first item is from the shop EarthLotusRising :

Item #2 is from CaptivationbyFalon :

Item #3 is from HJVDesigns :

Item #4 is from TurquoiseCrush :

And, item #5 is from HandcraftedYoga :

I hope you have enjoyed the first edition of Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks, and I hope you keep tuning in for more fun topics and inside views of my life!

Until next time, 



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