It’s Been a Rough Few Days…

Do you ever get that feeling of, “oh no, not again…I can’t get sick?” Well, I had that feeling when it was close to time for me to get off work this past Saturday. I felt the need to go blow my nose and BAM! I knew I was sick. That was when that feeling hit me. Crap.

If you’ve read my first post or my about me section, you know I work at a Target Starbucks (I also do sales floor work when I get scheduled). Imagine beginning to get sick and that’s the area you primarily work. Not good, right? Nope it’s definitely not. Fortunately I did have Sunday off, but I really got sick on Monday and have been battling this cold/sinus/allergy combo since then. The past two days were ones that had me getting up at around 6:30 A.M. to be at work for a nice 8.5 hours. No rest for the weary.

I’m sure a lot of people would ask why I was going to work doing the job I do when I’m sick. Well, you want the short answer? Here it is: If I don’t go into work, I don’t get paid. It’s also not a stomach virus. It makes the day difficult to get through when you’re feeling miserable and sneaking into the back room to go blow your nose or cough something up. (Sorry for the details, but I know you’ve all experienced the same symptoms at some point or another). Not all people have salaried jobs. Not all people have understanding management (My manager is great, btw). Not all people can afford to miss a day of work. I’m one of those who can’t afford to miss a day because I have bills to pay, and my current pay rate isn’t at the point where I can miss a day and still survive. Always be understanding of this when you run into someone in retail or at a restaurant that’s stopped up–we have to be there because that’s how we survive and continue to pay our bills.

I’m slightly getting better now after having taken Sudafed and guaifenesin regularly (every 4 hours) and blowing my nose almost constantly. Hopefully, the progress continues, and I get over this mess soon…I’m tired of being friends with these:

Puffs Tissue

I’ve done some creating, but I’ve got to get the pictures uploaded and listed on Etsy. I’ll share them with you soon!

Until next time, 



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