My Favorite Tools

As someone who designs jewelry, I have some favorite tools that I really can’t work without and which make my life easier. Don’t we all have our favorites?

1) Assorted pliers and cutters

Jewelry tools

I literally couldn’t do anything without these 4 tools. I couldn’t wrap anything, cut anything, you name it.

2) Texturing Hammer and Rubber Stamping Block

Hammer and Stamping Block

These are actually fairly new, so I haven’t used them very much as of yet,  but I can definitely tell they’re extremely useful. The texturing hammer adds a little something to my stamping, and the rubber stamping block keeps the noise down when I start hammering (we’re all on different schedules, so you never know when someone’s going to be sleeping/napping).

3) Bead/Project Tray


As you can see, I use this quite often. It’s still a mess from the last several projects that I’ve done. It helps me see what my idea is going to look like before I get it on the wire/string. Nothing’s worse than having to take every single little piece off and start over because you missed a piece!

4) 1-Step Looper by Vintaj

Vintaj 1-step looper

Do you ever sit around trying to make a loop look like it’s supposed to and possibly cut off to freaking much? This handy, dandy little tool will put an end to that. So many wires saved, so many loops created!

5) Bale Maker

Bale Maker

This tool has many uses. I primarily use it for rounding either bales or other pieces of metal. With this, I don’t get the uneven rounded edges that I normally would if I was just trying to bend it by hand.

6) My Keurig


After having worked all day or the night before, caffeine is a definite must. Sometimes it’s hot chocolate, other times it’s tea. You never know what I’m going to be sipping on.

6b) My Grumpy Cat Mug

Grumpy Cat

This is a favorite tool of mine because….it just is 🙂

7) And last, but certainly not least, my iPhone.


I do a lot of stuff when I’m not home, so this is a real lifesaver. It keeps me connected while I’m at work or wherever I happen to be at any particular moment. Lots of my pictures are taken with this little baby (except for this picture–I took it with my boyfriend’s camera…haha), and many etsy listings are posted with it!

There are a large number of useful tools that I do like and use quite often, but these were the ones I absolutely have to have, or I’m SOL (Sh*t out of luck). Anyone else have their favorite tools?

Until next time, 




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