Learning About Marketing and Social Media for Business

So, you obviously know I'm a small business owner, but what you don't know is that I don't know very much when it comes to marketing and getting people to my Etsy shop, my blog, my Twitter, or my Facebook. I've been working on my business (online) for about two years now and have had only one sale. I have done craft shows, made back the booth fees, but never quite reached the sales I had wanted. I keep/kept asking myself what the problem is/was but never really came down to a definitive answer until recently.

My problem: I don't really understand the marketing involved in getting the traffic to where I need it to be.

My solution: start learning about marketing and marketing via social media.

The place I started was where I'm guessing many start….Google. I searched for free online marketing classes and was pleased with the results that I clicked upon. Here are two sites I've started using, and they are quite informative and helpful:

1. Hubspot Academy's Inbound Certification

I've actually already completed this course and am certified. It's very informative, and I highly recommend it.

What is Inbound? It's a form of marketing that's not all “in your face” like pop-up ads or the ads you have to watch on YouTube before a video.

2. Diploma in Social Media Marketing

I'm currently working on this one. It's also another interesting one, but it more detailed. There are more imphasis on creating your website from the ground up, but there are less in depth portions (more basic).


There are more that I will be looking into late, but I'll let you check these out in case you're interested in learning more about the world of marketing.

Until next time,




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