Wow…it’s been a long time since I’ve posted. The holidays at work have done a number on me. I don’t think I’ve ever been this exhausted. Update: Yesterday was my last day at Target/Starbucks. It wasn’t the easiest decision to make, but it was the right one for a number of reasons. One reason being my mental health. My depression had been under control, but as the stress has built up, I knew I needed to take the time to take care of myself. (After dealing with it for 14 years, I know when enough is enough). Another reason is because I wasn’t getting to have a life at all–I didn’t have time to do the things I wanted to do (i.e., create, blog, family stuff). There are other things that contributed to my decision, but talking about all of them would be just plain time consuming..haha.

So, without further ado, I have a big announcement! We are moving to our own website!!!! Woohoo! I like to send a shout out to my wonderful boyfriend for doing this for me as one of my christmas gifts..

*hang on…the cat is making noise, and I don’t know what she’s up to…

Ok, she found a wine cork and was gleefully batting it about across the kitchen…only my Cozie cat (her real name is Coco but I call her other things too). *

Where was I? Back to my shout out 🙂 I really love that he did this for me because we’ve been talking about it for a while now. He knows this is my passion and wants me to do what I love doing.

As a start to the new year, we have a new website…go check it out : Prickly Pear

I’ll see you there 😉


Weekly Wednesday Etsy Picks–#32

Hello, Everyone! It’s been a while, hasn’t it?  I said I’d post this Wednesday—It’s currently Wednesday as I’m typing, but who may be Thursday before I post it…Oops. I’m really ready to get back into the habit of posting weekly, but it may be bi-weekly until January. Keep your fingers crossed! Let’s get started!

Item #1 is from charmecharmant

I love that this bracelet is so simple. SImple yet elegant. The pearls are all the same size, and I feel that they accent the smaller leather cord. Since the colors in this piece are neutrals, it could go with absolutely any outfit. Another definite plus is the magnetic clasp. Anyone else have issues latching bracelet? I do, so magnetic is a perfect way to go.

Item #2 is from delezhen

This is a gorgeous ring. The emerald is probably the most gorgeous in this state. You can see the darker veins scattered throughout the stone, which give it character. The band is hammered and creates an authentic handmade look and feel. The artist offers various stones, but I fell for this one. It’s something different that you wouldn’t see every day, and that’s what I love about it!

Item #3 is from SinClareDesigns 

Turquoise Boho Statement Necklace Close Up

Turquoise Boho Statement Necklace Close Up 

The hodgepodge of this necklace is amazing. All of the differences combine to form a gorgeous piece! There are also many textures at play, too. There’s the leather cord that goes around the neck, the turquoise chips, the chainwork, etc. I’m in love! The artist chose to use turquoise, crystal, brass, and copper finishes, and I’ll have to say that it was an amazing combination. I could see this being a multi-use piece—casual or formal–another plus. Lots of other gorgeous stuff in her shop as well, so definitely check it out!

Item #4 is from SilkPurseSowsEar

As I was browsing, these immediately caught my eye, so I knew I had to feature them! I really like the vintage look about them, even though they aren’t vintage. The artist has carefully treated, painted, and varnished them to get this look. The detail is also amazing. The artist also offers two lengths, so these are good for short or long hair. Definitely a must have!

My apologies for only including 4 items. I wanted to get a weekly feature up. I got a little excited! I’ve seen a lot of things that I like, but these are the top 4 from my browsing…Always a surprise here, right? Now that you’ve seen a few of my favorites, go find yours at your favorite handmade site and show some artists some love!

Until next time, 



Hello, everyone! I apologize AGAIN for the lack of posts. I haven’t forgotten.

Lots of things are going on, and I cant help but feel completely overwhelmed and utterly helpless. Maybe this is how ‘adult life’ is…I don’t know.

I always have problems this time of year with my depression, especially around the time change and for some reason Christmas. I don’t know why Christmas makes me want to cry, but it does. Probably stress, but who knows. I already take medicine for my depression. I exercise. I take my vitamins. What am I not doing?

One of the things going on is of course work. Black Friday is next week. SO much still has to be done, and I’m afraid that I can’t do it all. I have different people calling out of work more than one day a week. There were two days back to back that 2 people called out. I’ve stayed late to try to get everything done…I worked 11 hours Wednesday, and I still feel like I have so much left to finish. A ton of thoughts are running through my head. What if I don’t have enough product? What if someone calls out Thursday, Friday, or Saturday? What will I do?

The other thing that’s really weighing on me is health insurance. Woohoo! Anyone like dealing with insurance? Didn’t think so. I’ve had so many issues with healthcare–from verifying my identity (supposedly I don’t exist) to finding insurance my doctor takes. When I got promoted, and remember this is a tiny, tiny raise, my monthly premium more than doubled, and my deductible more than doubled even though I’d already met the previous amount. Now the insurance plan I have is going to be over $220 a month starting in January. I can’t pay it. I don’t have the room in my budget. I can’t go through and try to buy insurance outside of because I definitely can’t afford it. We’re talking $600 a month. Yes…$600 a month for health insurance. Why so high? I had an eating disorder–that I’m recovered from–when I was in high school; I have depression; and I have health problems (not terrible) related to my previous eating disorder. That estimate isn’t going to get any better–ever. It doesn’t matter that I’m’s the fact I had it.

So, yeah, I just needed to vent. I don’t like to cry, especially in front of others, but it can be the best thing for someone to do. I keep on keeping on and throwing my all into everything I do because I know I can do it and get through whatever I’m feeling. Maybe anyone who reads this will realize life isn’t easy and that they aren’t the only ones feeling overwhelmed. The only advice I can give is to hold on tight, acknowledge your feelings for what they are (however unpleasant they may be), and realize that you aren’t alone. We all have the same feelings at some time or another because we are all human.

I’ll be back next week..promise..I have this next weekend off, so I’ll have a little more time to write 🙂

Until next time,